More gentlemen’s relish


spanking oldie cartoonspanking oldieGot another fine batch of old picture from Tip Topper. Among several old favourites were the pictures above which have not been seen here before.

Don’t know much about them, although they look like illustrations from a 1920s gentlemen’s magazine. Does anyone know more?

3 Responses to “More gentlemen’s relish”

  1. I am not sure of the source but I really do like vintage spanking drawings.


  2. I would have never guessed you were knowledgeable about gentlemen’s reading matter from the 1920’s.

    • 3 DJ

      not sure if I am being mocked here Lol 😉

      It was a bit before my time – but I beleive there was a magazine of that name (as i think you know)

      no idea if these are from it – but I think it is that kind of thing.

      DJ 😉

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