Eroticism Endures (2)


vanilla corner time

Got a bit behind with the next chapter of Ad Astra, but talking of behinds and following yesterday’s post here is another possible vanilla picture that leans heavily upon spanking imagery to convey eroticism. In this case a classic and atmospheric corner time picture.

6 Responses to “Eroticism Endures (2)”

  1. Happy post V day and I just have to say whoa when I saw that picture.



  2. 2 George

    Hard to say with a b/w picture, but I do hope her bottom is deep red…

  3. I think she has lost the light switch. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

    • 4 Mindy

      Poppy, she might prefer it to be dark considering the state she’s in. 😉

  4. 5 Scarlet

    I thunk she is outside…

  5. Of course she is, Scarlet. You can see the potted plant, She’s obviously on the balcony.

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