Sizing up a bottom or spank a fashion model and save the world


Size 14 plus modelJust read an interesting statistic: 20 years ago the average fashion model was 8% smaller than the average woman; today that figure has fallen to 23%! This is a crisis, what is going on? Is this the Keira Knightley effect? Are today’s models so spanking adverse that they are doing all they can to reduce their target areas?

If this is so, then they must have a guilty conscience about something. Perhaps they all urgently need to be spanked. At the rate at which these women are shrinking in 60 years they could disappear altogether. What if the average woman in the street were to follow this trend? The entire female population might cease to exist; is the human race doomed?

A Voice in the Corner cannot condone non-consensual spanking, however if you are a fashion model or have a diminishingly small bottom and yet ask ‘does my bum look big I this? Then you may need help. Contact your nearest spanker at once.

Gentlemen, be on the lookout for these micro-bottomed women; they may need your assistance.

Ladies, if you still have a bottom, then congratulations, but maybe you should consider preventative treatment just in case.

9 Responses to “Sizing up a bottom or spank a fashion model and save the world”

  1. Aye… Although small bottoms are not my preference, I will volunteer my services as spanker to open up the worlds of the small-bottomed. I’m here to reassure you, relieve you of your guilt, and help you celebrate the fact that a woman’s hips are indeed the center of the Universe.

    Best Regards,
    Quai Franklin

  2. 2 paul1510

    I don’t know if a womans hips are the centre of the world, but a womans bottom, be it big or small is always interesting. 😀

  3. 3 Ehlane

    Bah! One can never grow too skinny or too rich 😉

  4. 5 Scarlet

    Or all the spankers could just take their girls out for ice cream once a week. Problem solved!

  5. 6 Wizard Birchwand

    Ah, but is the difference due to fashion models’ bottoms getting smaller or to average womens bottoms getting bigger ????? I see some mighty broad beam ends in the streets round here…..

  6. Even at 5 years old I had fantasies of spanking Twiggy.
    On the down side I never spanked one girlfriend, or even brought the subject up (even though I am to this day convinced that she was into it) because she was so petite I was afraid I would hurt her.

  7. I love it! Already tweeted!

  8. I will volunteer to help these ladies out all they have to do is ask. Lol

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