Blog of the Week


three bare bottomsHave you got that Friday feeling? It’s been a good week and Wednesday’s picture prompted much discussion. Yesterday’s post was passed over and will appear tomorrow.

There will be more Magic and Ad Astra very soon, also maybe a short.

There is a lot of good stuff out there in the blogosphere, at least two blogs have carried Keira Knightly’s comments on spanking regarding her new film. Apparently she can’t understand why there was so much fuss. Odd considering she was the one who made it.

Anyway after a fun-filled morning, and what a luxury, just reading blogs, the Cherry Red Report is the Blog of the Week.

3 Responses to “Blog of the Week”

  1. 1 George

    Maybe it’s about 3 naughty sisters getting a serious spanking by their strict parents…

  2. 2 Wizard Birchwand

    Re Kiera Knightly

    Seemigly Kiera Knightly suggests the English like spanking…..

    Wizard Birchwand suggests quite a few of the English might like spanking Kiera Knightly….

  3. 3 Wizard Birchwand

    and while I know that one shouldn’t make a thing of people’s names I can’t help remembering Amelia Fox Knightly from the briliant but now sadly defunct Lowewood Academy blog….

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