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There was yet another mainstream sortie for spanking in the BBC’s Sherlock on Sunday. Lara Pulver, formerly in the BBC production of Robin Hood and last seen in Spooks and True Blood, was briefly seen nude, and before the watershed yet, as a dominatrix who had been employed to spank a young female member of […]

Our story begins here. Ann smiled at the memory. She had been mortified. No that was an understatement. For days afterwards she had winced whenever she had tried to sit down. But that had been the least of it. It had been months before she could look Mrs Hart or her daughter in the eye […]

Our story begins here. The Army had been a good life for her, but after three years, she knew she was never going to break the mould and be the British Army’s first woman combat officer. Also as much as the realisation hurt, John wasn’t going to give up the Army for her, so it […]

In case it is new to you, here is a clip from Land Beyond the Law, a 1937 western which includes a spanking for then 25-year-old Linda Perry. The photo above is not all that and the spanking itself is a little contrived, but Whisky asked for more western spankings. If this does not satisfy […]

Happy New Year


As this blog goes into its fourth year there have been over two and a half million visits. So thanks very much for all your support both now and in the future.