Catching up with your reading


catching upIt is said that a good writer should read more than he writes. Do please insert of she in there if you prefer. The trouble is sometimes in a busy life it’s hard enough to find time to write let alone read as well, so it can be an either or situation.

The weekend is often a time to catch-up though. Except this week instead of reading we went shopping.

Oh really, fascinating DJ, what did you buy?

Just some more books, which of course will all be read just as soon as there is time.

3 Responses to “Catching up with your reading”

  1. DJ,
    for me buying books is about the only shopping I’m enthusiastic about.
    Unfortunately there is a paucity of good bookshops in this neck of the woods.
    Oh how I miss Charing Cross road. 😀

  2. 2 George

    Useful and interesting to read but sometimes is hard not to pay attention to…

  3. 3 Scarlet

    And for some of us, there is writing, there is reading books, and then there is keeping up with favorite blogs, like this one. A day needs to be twice as long.

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