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cool picture - bottom on iceOver at Erica’s blog there is an interesting post about photo blogs that makes some salient points but since she was BotW a few weeks ago here is a bit of mischief.

Blogs are creative spaces and A Voice in the Corner prides itself on being almost entirely original in its written content. However, it is certain that the six or seven thousands of you who come here every day would probably be less if there were no pictures. So C&B is a tribute to all those models and photographs who boost the ratings with their own contributions. It is also a chance to showcase those more racy pictures that have been collected and never used.

So craving your indulgence, the Blog of the Week goes to Crimson and Black.

4 Responses to “Blog of the Week”

  1. DJ.
    A blog that I visit daily.
    On the whole I can tell who posted what, without looking at who posted it. 😉

  2. DJ, please insert ‘tell’ between can and who, thanks. 🙂

  3. Wow, Erica’s blog post really seemed to have ruffled feathers in Spanky Blogville. I didn’t think that she was condemning tumbler blogs or photo only blogs. More so, commenting on the sudden plethora of them. Many without any content other then re-posted photos. No comments, why the blogger was drawn to the photo… or musings…or captions.. or etc… I won’t belabor the point. By the way, I am not speaking for her. Just offering my humble hot air.

    Your blog offers such a stunning array of your well written fiction- I dare to say that your readers wouldn’t stray far without the fetching photos. I’ve been known to get caught up in one of your stories as if a snake charmer had appeared on the screen and I the wily snake. Rapt. 🙂

  4. Ooh, Newt and the snake charmer comment about your writing was perfect. I do love Crimson and Black, too, and I love that you made it Blog of the Week! It deserves to be. Moving from photo to photo is always interesting and sometimes surprising. I think it is the blend of two fascinating but different people selecting the photos that makes it what it is.

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