Movie star’s spanking side-line


Jack Nance spanks girl in unknown spanking movieJack Nance spanks girl in unknown spanking movieJack Nance spanks girl in unknown spanking movieThanks to TipTopper for giving the heads-up about this movie.

TT sent in some pictures from The Defilers and the link for the movie clip which is credited as the first movie in which a domestic punishment spanking turns into foreplay.

He also suggested I check out a movie starring Jack Nance, who is the only known Hollywood star (as opposed to actor) to appear in a fetish movie. The movie scenes above are from an unknown underground movie in which Nance appeared under an alias.

Jack Nance was the lead in the 1976 David Lynch film Eraserhead. He also appeared in Dune (1984) and Blue Velvet (1986). He is best known though for his supporting role in the TV show Twin Peaks, which was also made into a movie.

The website is well worth checking out, as well as the Defilers it includes other movies clips from sexploitation-spanking flicks which includes: Olga’s House of Shame, The Love Girls, Rent-A-Girl, Olga’s Girls, Motel Confidential, Venus in Furs, Sweet Sugar, Cool It Baby, All Women are Bad, The Ramrodder, Honey, Women in Prison and the 1930s French fetish films by Irving Klaw that often featured Bettie Page.

One Response to “Movie star’s spanking side-line”

  1. Unfortunately all my mind could see was the Gerble Cheeked Girl OTK singing “In Heaven everything is fine”.

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