Sunday Best


Sunday spankingYou know about Sundays, eat, drink, spank, sleep, spank… it can be such hard work. No time to even write a decent post. Then this girl leapt out from the pic box. She might have been spanked, but at least she has her best Sunday hat on.

7 Responses to “Sunday Best”

  1. 1 Mindy

    LOL! Is that how you spend your Sundays, DJ? 😉

  2. Any naughty woman is in her ‘Sunday Best’, when her bare bottom, has been reddened by a good spanking. One must admit, her rosy,naked rear end cheeks, looks beautiful, painfully beautiful.

  3. DJ, I think you must try to do something more improving with your Sundays. I have lots of suggestions for you.

  4. A good hat adds a certain class to an occasion, doesn’t it?

  5. 5 Scarlet

    I once had a spanking on a Sunday; for misbehaving in church. I suppose that’s where this girl was supposed to be, instead of leaping out of pic boxes. (what naughty pictures you have, DJ!)

  6. 6 DJ

    I am quite happy with my Sunday’s at the moment Poppy

    Even Mindy and Scarlett know what I am talking about (apparently).

    Hats are useful OFG although not that useful as a protection against spanking – they tend to cover the wrong end. 😉


  7. 7 Frederick

    Poor baby, those licks will be with her until midweek. I would instruct her to keep her hat on and her dress and panties off. Sweet.

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