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domestic spanking by Paula MeadowsThe more eagle-eyed of you might have noticed the link to British Spanking Mags on the right. This link has been on and off the blogroll since A Voice in the Corner first started. That’s because it has been rather plagued with problems and eventually disappearing altogether.

But it’s back and well worth a look.

It features stories and illustrations from all those classic spanking magazines going back to the late 1970s from publications such as Roue, Janus and Kane.

7 Responses to “Blog of the Week”

  1. 1 Dave

    That’s a drawing by the famous Paula Meadows if I’m not mistaken. From an early edition of Februs. Can any of your readers confirm?

    • 2 DJ

      yes it is – you can justmake out the signature in the bottom right corner.

      Its clearer in the bigger version.

      DJ 😉

      • 3 Dave

        Yes, I see that. I never bought or read Janus, but I did buy one copy of Februs, which had quite a few of her pics.It would be nice to see a volume of her spanking drawings in larger size..

  2. I like to be a bit mysterious about my age, but this rather gives it away. The old Janus images make me quite nostalgic for the pre-internet age when a little CP-related fiction and imagery had to go a long, long way. The best of it really was like gold dust.

  3. 5 George

    Wonderful images, even 30 years later.
    And I bet as much in next 30 years 🙂

  4. I have seen Paula Meadows before and I am inspired to devote a post to her.


  5. Bottom Justice. Father knows best, in how to discipline his teen-age daughter, when she gives him ‘sass’. The leather strap painfully descends a dozen times, upon her tender rear end. As it rightfully should. The scene is made even more sexually erotic, because this naughty female offspring, is wearing garter-belt and and stockings.

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