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Lara Pulver nudeThere was yet another mainstream sortie for spanking in the BBC’s Sherlock on Sunday. Lara Pulver, formerly in the BBC production of Robin Hood and last seen in Spooks and True Blood, was briefly seen nude, and before the watershed yet, as a dominatrix who had been employed to spank a young female member of the Royal Family.

Interestingly the scene that caused the controversy over its pre-9pm airing was not the almost bare-bottomed Ms Pulver hefting a whip as she menaces the young royal, but a later scene where she is interviewed naked by Sherlock Holmes to prevent him ‘reading her’ and extracting clues from fibers on her clothes.

Bravely the BBC left both scenes uncut for its repeat showing and those with i-player can still see it in the UK.

Be warned there are other disturbing scenes in this adult award winning drama.

10 Responses to “Elementary entertainment”

  1. I can’t believe I missed it. I am unsure about the workings of iplayer. Who do I sue?

    • 2 DJ

      You don’t have to sue anyone. You just have to write to Auntie Beeb’s spankology department and if you play nice and all your spelling is correct you will get your message read out by somebody with adanoids on Right to Reply.

      If not you get a spanking for missing some splendid output from the Britsh Broadcasting Corporation and not knowing how to work an i-player. See how that works?

      DJ 😉

      • I am not overly impressed by how that works. It seems I end up with a spanking somehow and feel that is not quite what I want.
        I will very quietly look for someone to sue about that.

  2. 4 Scarlet

    Oddly enough, it seems the BBC hands out spankings. That can’t be right, can it? I want to see Sherlock, too! Can I write Auntie Beeb and demand to see it on BBC America? Maybe it’s already here? I will go check.

  3. 5 Mindy

    Hmm, I think I need to find out when this episode is being screened here.

    Poppy, I think DJ is giving Dexter lots of ideas. 😉

  4. 6 paul1510

    I advise caution, you stand the risk of being conscripted as a script writer for Auntie Beeb 😦

  5. 7 DJ

    Writing scripts for the BBC is a risk I am willing to take. 😉

    BTW – I gather PBS will be airing Sherlock series two in May this year, although onimously – Hound of the Baskervilles and The Reichenbach Fall (in which Sherlock dies in the books) are to be the next two episodes of the serial.

    Masterpiece Theatre is the co-producer of the show and I think that is part of PBS (not sure). I think WGBH-TV is also involved somehow.

    No idea when it airs in Australia or anywhere else – but typically it has been shown with a six month lag around the world.

  6. 8 Scarlet

    Ah, if it’s Masterpiece Theatre then that means I can find it on PBS! Thanks for the heads up, DJ.

  7. 9 Ayla

    Sherlock Holmes has been a favorite, an idol, an icon since 2nd grade. And I think his approach to problem solving may have been integrated into my approach to scientific research later in life. So when is this new series appearing appearing over here on PBS & BBC A.merica? Since I had to change cable tv companies, I can no lonnger figure out how to use my own tv or its guide feature. And my computer has never worked since the tv installer left. A friend bought me a wireless notepad ereader that goes on the internet to replace the computer one month ago. The touch pad is driving me nutty and it took almost a month to understand wireless already in my apartment to connect the ereader to it. This will be the first email I have written with it. Perhaps I will write more, but without a mouse, editing & correction are not possible. Sorry, DJ, no way to make paragraphs either. I always thought that the only woman with enough on the ball to interest Sherlock Holmes intellectually, romantically, erotically, sexually would be a professional dominatrix (the real deal, not the lingerie models holding whips). And I have no doubt that she would wind up across his lapmore than occasionally. It can be a lot of fun when tops play nice and not so nice together. Too bad I live on the wrong side of an ocean to join those in London who regularly comment here. Sounds like fun.Slim pickings so far in New York City. I will envy all the fun I will imagine you having in the new year. Enjoy!

    • 10 DJ

      Great to hear from you again Ayla 🙂

      I am pretty sure now that Sherlock will be on PBS in the States around May time.

      Be advised that it is a modern take on the Victorian detective with Watson’s newpaper column becoming a blog and Moriarty a sort of psychotic terrorist.

      Holmes is depicted as autistic-savant with a different view of the world and Watson a witty side-kick and occasional action man.

      There is no reason you cannot comment from New York – hey everyone else does – even you it seems.

      DJ 😉

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