Scenes from a life


about to be spanked and canedOur story begins here.

Ann smiled at the memory. She had been mortified. No that was an understatement. For days afterwards she had winced whenever she had tried to sit down. But that had been the least of it. It had been months before she could look Mrs Hart or her daughter in the eye again.

Nevertheless she had deserved it. Even as she had realised that, all those years ago, she had felt a strange frisson; like a tickle or comforting warmth she could not quite define. Even, or perhaps especially, the humiliation had warmed her. She remembered examining the marks in the mirror and being thrilled. Even better, afterwards she and John had been closer than ever.

It was these kinds of feelings that Susie felt, Ann now realised. Well if that was true, the girl would get more than she bargained for. That was essential. If Ann was too easy on her, then Susie would soon come back for more. No, Ann knew what the girl needed. Ann and her future daughter-in-law were cut from the same cloth.

She had been careful to consult John first; and Peter of course. John had agreed, but had decided to keep out of it. Peter had protested angrily, at first anyway, but Ann had been determined and after letting her son rage for a while had quietly outlined her plan. “You must know… well your father and I…?”

“Mother,” Peter had blushed, “that’s your business.”

“Your discretion does you credit, but if you want a successful relationship, then it is time you faced certain things. Women are not all dainty creatures. In fact most are not and many, like me, like… Susie, need a firm hand.” Ann spoke softly, “especially Susie.”

That had been only yesterday. Now the time had finally come. Ann took a deep breath and then went to confront Susie.

“Well, have you decided?” Ann said as she entered the room.

The pretty 19-year-old nodded, her soft brown shoulder-length hair shaking as if in a tremble as she did so.

“You have to say it,” Ann tried to sound stern, although she was unused to such a posture as John had always been the disciplinarian in the family.

“I want you… need you to…” Susie licked her lips. She was blushing. “…punish me. In anyway… you see fit…”

“I am going to spank you first. Soundly spank you on your bare bottom,” Ann said. Her mouth was suddenly dry. What would it be like dishing it out, she wondered. “And then… well then you must be properly punished… as you say, as I see fit. Do you trust me?”

“You are going to…” Susie swallowed and dipped her head, “…cane me?”

“Do you trust me?” Ann repeated.

Susie nodded shyly and even smiled a little.

“You won’t like it,” Ann warned. “Do you accept this?”

“Yes… yes Ann… I mean Mrs Casemore… I mean…” Susie pouted and fell silent. She wished she had the courage to say Ma’am.

“I am going to fetch a short brush from the hall. When I get back I want you undressed from the waist down and facing that wall,” Ann instructed.

Susie blushed and then nodded. She didn’t even wait for Ann to leave, she just began to work at the belt of her jeans.

Ann felt nervous and even her palms were damp. She remembered the army and how she had even commanded men. She could do this. Steeling herself she went into the hall and picked up the hall brush off the telephone table. Then she waited for a slow count of 50 before returning to the long room that served as lounge-dining room.

Susie was stripped to her t-shirt and white ankle socks. Her jeans, jumper and underwear neatly folded and placed on the dining room table. She was standing as instructed, facing the wall with her cute little white bottom thrusting from under the hem of her shirt; so small compared to mine, Ann thought ruefully, and oh my, doesn’t it stick out so in profile.

Ann decided to wait a little to make sure Susie was in the right frame of mind. She pulled a dining room chair into the middle of the room and sat on it with the brush in her lap.

Susie twitched a little at the sound and glanced at Ann over her shoulder.

“Eyes front young lady, you are not to take your nose off the wall,” Ann scolded. “Failure to comply can lead to extra punishment. Don’t you know that?”

Susie’s face whipped around and she visibly gulped. “Sorry A… Mrs Casemore, I didn’t know, really I didn’t,” Susie said anxiously, the tone of her voice somewhere between earnest and fearful.

“That’s alright,” Ann soothed, “I know it’s hard for you, being your first time.”

Susie gasped a little at the phrase ‘first time,’ was there to be a second time then? To distract herself from how she might feel about that she asked, “how… how long do I… will I be made to stand here?”

“Until I tell you to move,” Ann said firmly, she was getting the hang of this. “Embarrassing isn’t it?”

“Oh yes,” it escaped Susie as a breath and Ann could imagine the wide-eyed stare she offered the wall in front of her nose as she said. “But… Mrs Casemore, what if someone comes? And sees me I mean?”

“Then they will see you, won’t they?”

“But they will laugh at me and…” Susie wailed, she didn’t want to think about what they would actually see.

“Perhaps they will, but isn’t that what you deserve?” Ann remembered Mrs Hart, her daughter and the associated tradesmen and delivery boys who had witnessed her own punishment. It was the very worst part.

“Yes,” Susie said in a small voice. She sounded close to tears.

“After your punishment, I think you can go back to the corner for the rest of the afternoon,” Ann suggested lightly, wondering if the girl would submit, “Perhaps until the colonel gets home.”

“Oh,” Susie squeaked, fidgeting a bit before settling down. Ann could see the extent of her blushing even from the behind her.

The woman fell silent and Ann watched Susie carefully for the least sign of rebellion. Then she decided to wait for half an hour or so before actually spanking her.

It was a long 40 minutes for Susie and the only sound was the ticking of the clock on the wall. By the end of her wait Susie was a nervous wreck and quite cowed.

“Alright Susie, come here,” Ann patted her lap even though Susie had yet to turn around. It was as if now that the moment had come, the 19-year-old would much rather stay facing the wall.

Ann didn’t hurry her, but savoured the moment. She was enjoying this she realised and felt a pang of guilt. She might well pay for her pleasure later, if John realised her game.

It took almost a minute for Susie to peel herself from the wall and turn around; even then, it was only after Ann had finally lost patience and scolded her.

Now Susie stood head bowed and peering meekly at Ann from under unruly tumble of hair half covering her eyes. When she saw the brush in Ann’s her face did a little dance of horror before she could still it.

Ann beckoned her and Susie crossed the room with small steps, walking on her toes and tugging the front of her t-shirt down to cover her sex.

After all the procrastination, Susie was in an almost indecent haste on to scramble over Ann’s lap. Her breathing audible, the girl wriggled to obtain a measure of comfort, finally settling on a right-angle with her head towards the floor and her legs strait out and closed together.

Susie’s bottom seemed larger now, but smooth and neat like two peeled hardboiled eggs in a dish at a summer’s picnic. Well this was going to be no picnic for them, Ann thought sternly, addressing herself to the matter in hand.

Ann couldn’t resist running her hand along the silky cheeks before patting Susie’s bottom with the back of the brush. It was cool to the touch and firm. My God, was I ever this cute, Ann wondered.

Meanwhile Susie gasped at the sensation, but didn’t resist. “Ann, I’m sorry,” she whispered.

“I know you are,” Ann replied. Then raising her arm she brought the first of many swats down hard on Susie’s bottom.

The girl’s breathing rapidly became ragged and she pumped her legs in her distress. “Oh… oh… oh…” she gasped sounding increasingly more frantic, breaking to tears almost at once.

“Such a cry baby,” Ann chided, but she was surprised at how red the girl’s bottom had so quickly become.

“I’m sorry, please, I’m sorry,” Susie said in a rough husky voice, but she seemed lost in herself and offered not the least resistance.

The pistol-crack spanking lasted for several long minutes, by which time Susie’s bottom was near puce with whitish rubbery welts where the spanked flesh collided with still virgin skin. The girl had taken to kicking, then crossing and uncrossing her ankles as she bawled like a baby, but it was no worse than Ann had got at the same age and the girl had it coming, they both knew that. Nevertheless after 15 minutes or near, it was time to put her back in the corner. By then, the sobbing Susie was happy to go, no matter how humiliating or who saw her.

“I’m sorry, Ann, I’m so sorry,” Susie wailed over and over as she dropped to her knees and hugged into Ann’s legs.

Ann hugged back, but there was yet more to come, so she didn’t indulge her maternal instincts too much. “I know, but you still have to fully atone, don’t you,” she said.

Susie nodded and sniffed as she struggled to bring her crying under control. She glanced at the wall and blushed.

“That too,” Ann said calmly, noting the puzzled look on Susie’s face.

The girl didn’t ask, but got unsteadily to her feet and tottered across the room to the wall. Once there she was again overwhelmed by tears and broke into fresh sobs.

Ann pursed her lips sympathetically and watched the girl until the jerking motion of her shoulders had eased a little and her crying abated. Susie’s bottom had a fierce even sheen of dark red, which she clawed at as she tried not to dance on the spot by the wall.

“No rubbing now, I should have told you, or else…”

Susie’s hands were snatched away and she clasped them into the small of her back.

“That’s a good girl,” Ann murmured.

Susie heaved a sigh and shuffled a little and then picked a spot on the wall to stare at to wait.

About 20 minutes later there came a rattle of a key at the lock and Susie was shaken from her dosing at the wall and began to appear agitated. Her bottom could still feel the harsh impact of the brush and it throbbed gently, but that was nothing to the prospect of being seeing like a naughty girl in the corner, let alone if it were the colonel about to see her bare bottom.

“Steady down now,” Ann chided, “you were warned that this wasn’t over.”

“Mum,” Peter called tentatively from the hall.

“In here Peter,” Ann sang out.

“Oh please,” Susie gasped, fluttering like a trapped bird at the wall. But Ann noticed she did not turn around or try to flee.

“Oh god,” Peter caught his breath as he entered. “That looks… sore,” he ventured.

“Are you ready to do your duty?” Ann asked seriously.

Peter nodded.

“Susie. Stay where you are. You are under Peter’s direction now. After all it was him you betrayed most of all.” Ann tried to sound firm, but suddenly the situation seemed… too bizarre.

“Yes Ann,” Susie whispered miserably. “I’m so sorry Peter. Will you forgive me?”

Peter opened his mouth and was about to rush at her to enfold her in his arms. However Ann stood up and blocked him with her hand. “Peter,” she warned, “you have to do this, for Susie’s sake.”

“It’s alright Peter,” Susie said in a faraway voice. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Peter said the words catching in his throat, “But if…”

“Peter,” Ann cautioned again and seeing him nod, she said, “I’ll get the cane. A standard one, but nonetheless…”

Peter watched his mother go and then turned to study his future wife standing in the corner. He seen her nude before of course, but there was something about her half-nudity and vulnerability that caused his throat and something lower to tighten. Without taking his eyes off Susie’s bottom he began to unbutton his coat and then he tossed it carelessly on the couch.

Running his eye over Susie’s well-marked skin he said, “Are you… are you OK with this? I mean…” He didn’t know what he meant.

“I want…” Susie whispered, but she couldn’t speak. Please don’t make me say it, she prayed.

Just then Ann returned. She paused at the door with the cane and looked at her son and future daughter-in-law. She remembered how Susie had sat open mouthed with something approaching longing at all of Ann’s tales; of her life with John and how it had led them here. She was certain now that this was for the best.

She handed Peter the cane and then said, “I told Susie that she was to remain in the corner as she is for the rest of the day… afterwards. But I suppose… that decision is yours. Remember this though; she wants… needs a firm hand, not a wimp. You get me?”

Susie fluttered and let her left leg take her weight for a bit. It seems I am to be here for a while, she thought ruefully. But she was thinking something else too, something she dare not name perhaps.

Peter cut the air with the cane. “How… how many do I..?”

“Daddy would have given me anything up to 30 or so,” Ann whispered. Then added with a confident smile, “anything less than half that and we’ll both take you for a wimp.”

Susie giggled nervously, not altogether a wise thing to do in her position and John frowned and cut the air again.

“Alright my pretty little thief, come and bend over that chair. We will see how you handle… 18 I think, and then we will see.” Peter felt his power and caned the air again as Susie hurried to obey.

He might break this up into two or three sets. It would be good to take his time.

Ann had already left by the time the first stroke sliced the air in for real. Susie’s squealed quickly followed, although after that first yelp she held her peace until the sixth stroke.

Then as his mother pretended to busy herself in the kitchen, Peter began the caning in earnest and a slow steady thwack and squeal became the background music for the afternoon.

Ends (for now).

5 Responses to “Scenes from a life”

  1. 1 paul1510

    this is a well crafted story, I thoroughly enjoyed it. 😀
    I would be very happy should you produce a sequel or two.

  2. 2 fatherjim

    Makes me sooo want to be the fly on the wall! As always, wonderfully done!

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. 3 DJ

    Thanks lads! 🙂

    I had originally intended a quick short as Magic wasn’t ready – but like topsy…

    Now at the suggested of a few of you and now that I have a set-up scenario I can revisit this family later on.

    DJ 😉

  4. 4 Frederick

    Very nice, a proper punishment for a deserving 19 year old.

  1. 1 Hold that pose « Grumpy old fart!!!

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