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The head on the pint of beer is threatening to spill over the side of the dimpled-jug tankard. Not that this writer has noticed. He stands manfully wrestling with great thoughts and staring periodically off into the middle distance like a character in a book. Occasionally, distracted by the maid putting a log on the […]

If you like spanking stories than there are few better than those by Rollin Hand. It has been sadly neglected on this blog, but well worth a visit, so this week’s blog of the week is Disciplinary Tales.

A Voice in the Corner has been nominated for the Spanking Spot’s 2011 Spanking Awards. If you want to vote for it or any other of the nominations head over and cast your vote.

Cartoon Fun


This comic strip is typical of the kind of comic strip that appeared in gentlemen’s magazines in the 1970s. It may have been from an early Kane or even a vanilla counterpart. This one was supplied by TipTopper and has been cut from three to two columns to make it fit.

Strawberry Red


“Miss, please miss, oh, oh…” the irritating freckle-faced Steven Jones was beginning to annoy Ella Castle. “Tommy, didn’t you bring something in?” She said ignoring the Jones boy. She hated people who misspelled names. What was wrong with good old Stephen with a PH? Tommy was going to let her down. He even looked like […]

Years ago while looking into renting a house in Berkshire to an American family there was a rather amusing incident. The rather chipper young boy, who was around six, was full of questions. “Do you have a Christmas in England?” “Do you play baseball?” “Do you have tea with the Queen?” Well he was six, […]

It looks like BotW has moved to Fridays; well it is a more traditional time to play catch-up with the spanking blog world. Over the summer, while yours truly was otherwise occupied steering a boat, Erica Scott’s book Late Bloomer was enthusiastically read aloud. Erica for those who might not know is a not just […]

What dreams are made of The next day the camp was roused before dawn by the family’s father and by the time the sun came up the whole entourage was back on the road. For Amy it felt strangely good to be jogging free in the morning air and she felt as if a weight […]

Awakenings Amy spent the rest of the day watching the comings and goings in the courtyard and trying to make sense of what she was seeing and equate it with what Chloe had told her. To pass the time, Amy had decided to treat the whole situation as an adventure, a game even. The bigger […]

Not in London anymore Amy watched the grey-brown pipes slide by hypnotically as the tube train clattered through the tunnel. Every once in a while there would be an unexpected flash of mauve or some other equally unlikely colour. It came to something when the view through the window of an underground train was more […]