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Poppy SpankedWith season being slow, blog of the week could easily have been held over for another week. However, yesterday Poppy St Vincent wrote an excellent and very personal post about how fundamental what she calls This Thing We Do (TTWD) is to her; and that it alone rates Blog of the Week.

Check out Poppy’s Submissions.

2 Responses to “Blog of the Week”

  1. 1 Scarlet

    There is a woman who lives with grace, a soft touch for hard subjects, daring and determination, and a great big heart. Her name is Poppy St Vincent, and she writes as if angels were holding her pen. On her blog is a delicious mix of the sensual and the sublime, the truthful and the playful, and an honest look at the things that make us girls, and the things that make us women. It is impossible to read what she writes and not fall silly, head over heels in love with her. If you go to visit her, likely she will invite you in for a cup of tea, or a glass of wine. Do go knock on her door.

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