Spanking in Sci-fi


spanking in sciFiA while back this blog asked which story settings readers preferred. Although historical and domestic figured highly, there was no conclusive front runner.

This was also true for the interpersonal spanking dynamic. Men spanking women was the most popular preference, but many of you said that the scenario could not be separated from your preference.

When it comes to the scenario things become really interesting. Men and women who play at smacked bottoms with one ear on the neighbours in real life often crave more extreme fantasies.

Ladies, in your dreams, how many times have you been carried off by over-large men and spanked long past begging?  How of you have stood sobbing in the corner while friends and neighbours laugh at your predicament?

It has been said that the past is another country, but if that is true then our imaginations are another universe.

It is with this in mind that we can wonder why the sci-fi scenario does not figure more often in spanking stories. After all, in an imagined future on a wholly invented world, literally anything can be possible.

Even this blog has not explored sci-fi as much as it might have. Three such stories you may have missed are: A cyber spanking, 22nd Century Girl and the League of Spankists.

For those who have asked about Raw, more is planned in the new year, so watch this space.

7 Responses to “Spanking in Sci-fi”

  1. We’ve both dabbled in it, DJ, to mixed results. On the one hand sci-fi allows you to create and mold the world to suit your preferences. The savage world of RAW for example allows creation of a culture in which dominance by one sex or the other is a cultural norm and physical punishment is commonplace. On the other hand it takes awhile to set it up in the mind of the reader. Thus sci-fi tales tend to be longer on back story, and length turns some readers off. My own MENACE FROM MONGO was 18 chapters, and while embraced enthusiastically by a few, has been viewed less than 100 times. Still sci-fi offers a world of possibilities and I think it is too often overlooked as a literary vehicle for TTWD.

  2. I love a good sci-fi spankfest, but, alas, they are fairly rare. Here is my contribution to the genre.

    Great topic!


  3. 3 DJ

    I think Rollin you hit the nail on the head.

    It does take time to build a convincing world and time limits both the writer and the reader.

    Some of the best stuff i have read has been in this genre and maybe some of the best stuff I have written – but it is not the most popular because of its length.

    Thanks Bonnie and Rollin – I will check out those stories (when I have time Lol)

    thanks DJ 🙂

  4. 4 Bruiser

    John Benson has a number of good sci-fi spanking stories.A lot of good spanking stories period. There is some of his work in The Library of Spanking Fiction but almost none of what is on this link to a site from maybe 10 years ago that he doesn’t have up and has maybe lost. Let the link load past the first page. I think I’ll contact him at LSF about that.

  5. 5 Bruiser

    Let me correct that comment, as the links at unsemmly don’t seem to work for that old site In all likelihood all of the stories that were there when I read them originally are probably posted on LSF as he does have 801 stories listed just not by category, so happy reading.

  6. Moving away from si fi, excellent topic though it is, I had been meaning to ask for a while if the wonderful story of Mrs Main and Dr Warren might be continued, we left it just short of some sort of conclusion I thought….


  7. 7 DJ

    Thanks for that Bruiser 🙂

    Recidavist – yes Abraham Heights will be back this year as well.


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