It’s a party 18th century style


18th century spanking19th century birching18th century spankingDuring the early days of satire many artists were fond of illustrating famous people getting spanked or whipped. The first image, the Royal Joke, which depicts the Prince of Wales spanking his mistress, Mrs Fitzherbert, is a typical example of this

In England during the 18th century both society at large and the law had a much more relaxed view of roughhousing and violence in general. For instance even a grievous assault on someone was not actionable unless the attacked person actually died within a year and one day of the attack or property was either taken or damaged in the course of the crime. Therefore random acts of spanking were treated as a subject of humour rather than a matter for the law. After all a gentleman could always resort to a duel if his honour was affronted.

When Milton Cardew was “upbraided by a cheeky young baggage” in a London street, he thought nothing of raising her skirts for a “sound whipping,” which in the days before underwear meant upon her bare bottom. Perhaps friends of the young baggage rushed to her aid, but more likely onlookers would have greeted the scene with laughter.

Certainly no maid, adult daughter or even a wife would have had any recourse in law during the 18th century, if the head of the house had taken it upon himself to spank or even birch her.

During a particular party in the 1790s one lady, perhaps bored with hazard (a popular card game of the time) bet one of her fellows, that she could take “two-score of strokes” (forty) with a birch rod without “begging-off.”

The middle picture above is from the 19th century, but sets the scene for us well enough. One wonders if the attire shown in the lower picture might not have aided the proceedings at such a party.

2 Responses to “It’s a party 18th century style”

  1. Those were the ‘goode olde’ days’, be it some female of royalty, or a wench off the streets, had their bare bottoms warmed at the pleasure of dignified men, or peasant farmer’s. And if those women complained, it possibly brought them a double dose of pain upon their naked rear end.

  2. 2 John

    Mistress? The Prince of Wales and Maria Fitzherbert were legally married.
    He cowardly ditched her because he could not be king and married to a ( Shock! Horror!) Catholic. The German Royal Family of Britain were big on that.

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