Mainstream sorority movie spanking


sorority spankingsorority spankingsorority spankingThe above pictures are from scenes in the 1966 B movie Love Is A Four Letter Word; a movie that as you can see includes some sorority spanking.

The pictures have been supplied by Tip Topper who writes: “Obviously it is not a realistic scene, as sorority paddlings were never done in that way to my knowledge, but you can see by the actors reactions and the blurring of the paddle is several shots that they were real paddlings of at least a few swats.”

There were several more pictures supplied, here are just a few. Thanks TT.

5 Responses to “Mainstream sorority movie spanking”

  1. The unrealism here is laughable, but in the days of the old B&W “skin flick” at the local “art house” cinema, this was it. Spankings in skin flicks were few and far between, and poorly done if at all. But one good one was “Motel Confidential”. Another one was “Turn Me On”. In the 60’s there was a producer named Friedman with a production company named EVI. He nearly always had a spanking or whipping scene in his movies. Flims like “Ribald Tales of Robin Hood”, “Thar She Blows” and “Starlet” come to mind. In another, “The Ramrodder”, there was a nicely filmed bare ass whipping administered by Bobby Beausoleil, a Manson family member, currently in prison for his role in the Sharon Tate murders. Rumor has it that Beausoleil is the artist Sassy Bottoms.

  2. 2 Tiptopper

    There is one news item saying that Bobby Beausoleil’s wife, Barbara Beausoleil, was the publisher of the Sassy Bottoms’ publications. I have some of those publications and the publisher is listed as B. B. Publications in California where they both were at the time.

    Both Bobby and his wife are artists but lookng at their art, particularly the drawings of people, it doesn’t look anything like the Sassy Bottoms’ art. On the Sassy Bottoms’ websites Sassy is always referred to as “she”.

  3. 3 George

    Well raised girls, common experience in those years, knew already what it meant a paddling 😉

  4. 4 DJ

    I love learned debate – I didn’t know any of this.


  5. I agree with everyone and like the pictures too.

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