Spanking blog of the year


spankedA Voice in the Corner has been nominated for the Spanking Spot’s 2011 Spanking Awards.

If you want to vote for it or any other of the nominations head over and cast your vote.

6 Responses to “Spanking blog of the year”

  1. 1 Scarlet

    It would be a travesty if you weren’t nominated, DJ! I love your blog as I know you know. You are a wonderful writer. Actually, you should have a category all your own: incredibly prolific, able to write from multiple points of view, historical, present day and futuristic time frames, and always, always great erotic fiction. XO

    • 2 DJ

      well thank you very much 🙂

      There is some very stiff competition – but I like the specialist award idea – the best A Voice in the Corner award goes to…

      DJ 😉

  2. 3 Chris

    Please register my vote

    • 4 DJ

      I am afraid I can’t do that – I don’t run this award – you have to vote with one click on the blog of your choice by following the link. It’s actually quicker and easier than the time it took to comment here.

      Thanks. DJ 😉

  3. Good luck, DJ. You really are a wonderful writer and blogger. Your pictures make me blush.

  4. 6 George

    Male hands on female bottom.
    It starts there…

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