Sorority witness in the autumn of ‘71


sorority standards committeeJulie dropped in a comment on the last sorority post that with her permission is published here.

I was at junior college up until 1970 with my best friend Carly. Even after she went on to state university and we stayed in touch.

I was surprised when she wrote me that she had joined a sorority. In those days rumours prevailed about the hazing and the paddle. Even at our junior college there was stuff about diapering, which although never proven, was supported by the fact that at least one sorority had pledges turn up in class with pacifiers on a string around their neck.

I was surprised Carly had joined because she always thought all that stuff was dumb.

Maybe if she hadn’t I might have joined one with her as even then I had a secret obsession with all things spanking and it was well known that the paddles were used in those days, if not now.

Anyway, one long weekend shortly after she got to college I went to visit her and crashed in her room mate’s bed who had gone home for a couple of days.

I asked about the sorority, especially the paddle parts, but she was reluctant to talk. She said that there was a bit of kidding around and she had gotten a few swats on the panties a couple of times, but wouldn’t say more.

Everything was fine, but she said she had something to do on Saturday morning so could I go and get coffee and doughnuts or something and she would meet me for lunch. I said no problem, but on the morning in question, I did notice that she seemed ever more anxious to get me out of there.

I got as far as the front door of the halls when I realised it was a bit cold and I had better go get a sweater or something. It didn’t occur to me to knock before entering Carly’s room as I had only just left it, so I breezed in.

Boy was that a mistake. There was this smartly dress girl with a sorority paddle in the room and Carly was bending over with her hands flat on the bed. Far from a few swats on the panties, Carly had her panties around her ankles with a bottom that was redder than her face and boy that is saying something.

“Who’s this?” The girl was really mad.

Carly wasn’t allowed to stand up or cover her bottom why she rather nervously explained that I was a friend who was staying.

It turns out that she wasn’t allowed visitors except for close family during her pledging. Furthermore I shouldn’t have been there at all, since only students were allowed to stay in halls. The sorority prided itself on enforcing college rules, it seemed.

I was told that Carly had gotten demerits and she had to pay them off and the girl asked me to wait outside.

By now I was blushing myself, so I was actually pleased to go outside, but I didn’t go far. As you might guess, I listened at the door while Carly got what seemed like an awfully long hard paddling. By the end she was yelling out louder than the whacks and even through the door I could hear that she was crying.

The door opened and the girl came out and said I could go in.

Carly was lying face down on the bed crying with a bare bottom that looked like she had been dragged on her ass on a gravel road.

“Are they always that rough?” I asked, but Carly said she had gotten extra on account of me being there. She also told me that it wasn’t over and she would have to go before something called a standards committee.

I got to stay the rest of the weekend, although Carly wouldn’t say anything more about what had happened or the sorority. She hardly sat down for the rest of that day and even on Monday when I left she was sitting very carefully.

Years later she told me quite a lot about the sorority, most of it not so different from some of the things already written about here. Although, nothing that happened was as bad as the paddling she got after her meeting with the standards committee on account of my visit.

She said she had to get into her best clothes and report to a room at the chapter house. There were four seniors there waiting for her and when she came in they locked the door. Then the pinned her skirt and slip up and had her take off her panties.

She was made to bend over a padded bench in her best clothes but with a bare bottom and then she was told she would get 28 swats with punishment paddle.

She said the paddle was thicker than the usual kind and had holes drilled in it. Each of the women gave her seven swats and then handed the paddle on. The spanking lasted about 10 or 15 minutes until she was a sobbing mess. She told me that nothing ever hurt her as bad, not even having kids and she couldn’t walk straight for days, let alone sit down.

When she told me we laughed about it and she seemed to bear her sisters no grudge. She said she had been a silly kid to break the rules and the idea of the paddling that way was to make her think about how to be responsible.

It wasn’t the only paddling she got or saw being handed out in her sorority days. She also admitted that she had lied about it being on the panties and just kidding around.

I often wondered what it would have been like had joined a sorority. Despite all the denials over the years I have never met a sorority girl from that era who wasn’t paddled.

A great story, which is accepted at face value of course, thanks to Julie for sharing.

4 Responses to “Sorority witness in the autumn of ‘71”

  1. Wow, thanks for writing. Wow!

  2. 2 Paula Q

    I was in a sorority in the late 1980s and it was pretty much the same.

    We got houskeeping, as we called it, about once a week and it was butt breaking – I always cried. If it was bare or not depended on who was doing the paddling and what infractions you had committed.

    A friend of mine was caught necking in a car having off taken her bra. Pledges weren’t allowed boys at the time and she had to go before the standards committee.

    I don’t know what happened exactly – she wasn’t allowed to say. But she did get the paddle and I am pretty sure it was on the bare.

    I saw her butt afterwards and it was purple. She bawled her eyes out for real.

    Keep up the good work.

    Paula x

  3. 3 Marg L.

    Seeking some information for a reunion I Googled “sorority” and a few pages in found this link. Very interesting as I have many warm, burning even, memories of being paddled and spanked then later doing some paddling and spanking myself at the sorority house.

    If I may, several comments.

    We had three very different ways of discipline applied. All would be bare. Always bare. The first was the paddle. It was given in the basement room while you were bent over, generally bare from the waist down, feet apart, hands on the knees. This happened throughout your pledge year. Less often in subsequent years. Second, you might be spanked by your Big Sister, or any senior but 99% your Big Sister. This took place in your room, or her room, over her lap usually, and you’d be spanked by hand, and/or hairbursh. Never the paddle. The third way to be disciplined was by the housemother who ran everything. This didn’t happen often, but when it did it was always in private, in her apartment, and again over her lap, or bent over. Bare always. This didn’t happen often. In my four years living in the sorority house Mrs. Williams only spanked me four times.

    Another thing, my paddling and spanking experiences weren’t as harsh as the one recounted above. It hurt. Tears were not uncommon, but the paddle swats were never full swing, or full strength. Hand and brush spankings were more likely to get the message implanted by being mild and long, rather than brutal and short.

    I’ve put my email address in the box where you have to put it. It’s my real email address and if anyone wishes to write, I’d be glad to hear from you.


    • 4 DJ

      Personal emails are not publsihed on A Voice – but under some circumstances – I may be able to put fellow commenters in touch with one another.

      Thanks very much Marg – that was most illuminating. Can I ask what years you were in a sorority and if you think it has change dmuch since your time?


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