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This post was inspired by the top picture, supplied by Tiptopper, which according to the caption, shows actor Will McKenzie spanking his girlfriend, a fellow performer after a temper tantrum after a rehearsal back in the 1960s. It was a great reminder that in theatre land, historically not all spanking were staged. A friend of […]

The Governess


At first glance an outsider might have wondered which of the two young women was the governess and which her charge. Save for the fact that Eugenia was standing bare-bottomed in the corner that is. Constance, the older woman, was barely 23 and had been Eugenia’s governess for little over a year. Although quite tall, […]

You might have thought that random spanking pictures have only ever been used to advertise films, even when no spanking appeared in them. However it seems that spanking has been used in advertising since mankind started printing. In Germany there is a brand of wine that has carried a spanking scene on its bottle label […]

Three Cheers


Caught a programme on the introduction of sororities to the UK the other day; yes a US sorority is trying to set-up in Leeds of all places. One wonders if there will be spankings, of course we do, but it seems doubtful. Another US tradition alien to the UK is cheerleading. However, given the success […]

One former inmate of a monastery once told how he got out of the daily ritual of the scourging by claiming he enjoyed it. It was the beginning if his disillusionment with cloistered life and unsurprisingly he moved on. Another story, which may be apocryphal, has a former nun trying to pull the same wheeze […]

Hello out there, we know you are checking out this blog and many like it. This blog alone sees up to 20,000 different people a week, so you are not alone in your interest. Did you know that if you commented here or elsewhere to ask that question about spanking you always wanted to know, […]

Still Ill


Tomorrow is Love Our Lurkers Day so there will be no Blog of the Week. As the planned short story is on hold due to yours truly being still laid low here is is Blog of the Week light. Blossom and Thorn have a huge post on Louis Malteste, including a couple of pictures that […]

Following the post about the South African Star article on spanking entering the mainstream, last night’s Sex: How To Do Everything on the UK’s Channel Five (AKA Fiver) they had an item on spanking. It started off well enough, natural between consensual couples, how heavy it gets is up to you etc. They even had […]

In case you missed here is a story from the South African Star from a few days ago. It began: Suddenly spanking seems to be everywhere – in movies, on TV (there have been scenes in Desperate Housewives and CSI, among others) and in romance novels (even the proper queen of historical romance, Johanna Lindsey, […]

Noises off


This Abbie and Slats cartoon was provided by Tiptopper. Abbie and Slats was a US comic strip created by Raeburn Van Buren that ran from 1937 until the 1970s. Apparently Abbie (pictured above) was quite a brat and received several spankings over the years from her father and Slats himslef. The strip would have appeared […]