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Melanie Sykes tattooOpinions tend to differ on tattoos, but they seem to have a place in the BDSM sub-culture and sometimes by extension, the spanking lifestyle. The picture above may be a rare nude portrait of Melanie Sykes, the British former model and TV presenter, although thankfully the design seen is only in semi-permanent henna. While such extensive body tattoos are not unheard of, it has to be said on this scale it amounts to nothing less than mutilation.

However, for some that is the whole point. Two years ago at the London Fetish Fair one young woman was sporting a small and very intricate tattoo on her face. Although quite subtle, it must have seriously impacted upon her life as most employers would have surely discriminated against her.

She said that the design had been agreed upon with her master and it symbolised their relationship and her commitment to it. “Did he sport a similar design,” she was asked? “Oh yes, a much more elaborate version framing his right eye,” she replied.

So theirs was a joint commitment, displayed with designs as complex and intricate as their relationship.

In fact it is often hard to find any woman interested in a spanking relationship that does not wear at least one tattoo and a single small tattoo can be alluring and speak volumes about their commitment. However, it is often the case that one tattoo leads to another and another until any meaning the first had is obscured or lost altogether along with the idea that sometimes less is more.

Maybe that is just a namby-pamby middle class English view. For some, more is definitely more.

For instance, among the biker community tattoos are often an integral part of their culture. They can be a rite of passage, a club emblem or even a badge of rank. This is equally true of women, especially where submission plays a part in the biker woman’s relationship.

One of the more common customs found on both sides of the Atlantic is to tattoo the words ‘owned and operated by…” down the lower abdomen so that the name of the ‘owner’ is incorporated into the woman’s vulva lips. Sometimes the women compete to wear the briefest clothes to proudly display such marks.

In the Windsor area of England, where biker activity was rife during the 1970s and early 80s, one woman echoed the words of a biker sister from LA seen on the Discovery Channel some years later; she said, “I am proud to be owned.”

The woman in question wore such brief cut-off jeans that the only thing not on display was the name of her ‘owner.’

Spanking and belt strapping are often de rigeur within such groups. A very confident aggressive biker girl of former acquaintance reported that her “old man,” meaning boyfriend, “would take the skin off her arse with his belt.”

Around the same time another biker bragged, “there was I spanking her bare arse, you know, like you do, and her folks walked in on us. Man it was so funny. You should have seen the look on their faces… And hers.”

Gang initiations for girls often seemed to have consisted of a public belt strapping followed by the tattooing, which was seen as a reward.

A former housemate had a stack of biker magazines, most of them little more than porn; obviously irresistible reading for a 19 or 20-year-old, especially in those pre-Internet days.

One of them showed pictures of a heavily tattooed biker girl face down on a pool table while being further tattooed. There was more than a hint of redness about her bottom, enough to fuel the imagination anyway. As if that wasn’t enough, the standout quote emboldened across the text ran, “the ink hurts worse than belt whipping I got and that’s saying something.”

Occasionally a tattoo can act as a beauty spot and draw attention just so. Others are so discreet that few but the wearer know about them. However most of the time one can’t help wondering, what were you thinking? It goes to show that it is just a matter of taste, albeit often bad taste.

4 Responses to “Tattoo you”

  1. I think tattoos can be rather lovely if they are personal and discrete. I like that they can say something meaningful, a message to oneself.

  2. If only life was constant enough for a tattoo to last a lifetime. I see too many people who would like to erase the one they have, or when their love life changes, have to remake one name into another. But I also see the allure of a private mark, and a private meaning.

  3. 3 Christina

    I guess Im “old school”, I do not have nor do I want tatoos!!
    And as one of your commentators posted, many people whom sport tats thinking they’d be with their love ones into eternity – now wants them removed because they are divorced,ectera!!!

  4. The passage of time has to be an issue in other ways too, doesn’t it? Won’t gravity and skin’s failing elasticity make for some really distorted images as time goes by? Us tatt-resisters should get the last laugh in 50 years time.

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