Looking for the muse


naked outdoorsThere are three posts pending and none of them are ready. When you think about it is hard to know exactly what does make a good post. An original story, well sure, a hitherto unknown snippet of information, well also obvious, but they don’t just happen, what about a great picture? Again, you can’t just make one out of the air.

Sometimes you can’t help wondering if good writing is a bit like a good spanking. First you need a good subject. Then you need an appropriate setting.

There is also methodology and the tools of the trade. Most of the great works of literature in history were written with pen and ink. Can you imagine? How did they manage? Well once upon a time, everyone did.

These days when it comes to writing, the choice is usually obvious; the keyboard is so versatile.

However, where the tools for writing have tended to narrow in choice, the range of spanking implements has grown. Where once it would have been a few household objects that happened to come to hand, now there is a whole world of specialists.

Now consider the muse, the inspiration or meat of a story. That has also grown exponentially during the last 100 years. Just consider history alone. As time goes on there is ever more of it.

Then there is technology. Until the 19th century, flights of fantasy were rare but what goes for general writing also goes for spanking stories. Science will provide and spanking societies, spanking aliens and any number of spanking machines abound.

In fiction just about anyone can be spanked. From dutiful daughters to the citizens of some great spanking empire; spankers can be time travellers of the mind or indeed time travellers in fact.

Schools and academies that would never have dreamt of deploying corporal punishment, can in fiction piously assert the moral right to spank nubile young woman, or indeed just about anyone or anything.

While writing this, three different spanking scenarios have presented themselves. Three more stories now added to an ever growing list of spanking fiction to be written.

Where do the ideas come from is the question most asked But there is no need to look for the muse, she is already here.

It is Father Time who is late.

5 Responses to “Looking for the muse”

  1. DJ, with you it appears to come naturally, I’m pleased to say. 😀

  2. Once you’re done with her, please send her over my way.


  3. I loved this post. I am pretty sure your muse is with you all the time, DJ, sitting on your shoulder and whispering in your ear. She whispers the most fascinating things to you. I’m glad you are listening.

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