A view from the family


spanked daughterAnother anecdote, this time from Pete; a family story told to him by a work mate a few years back.

The man involved went to stay with an older cousin in while his 20s when he went on a course. The cousin had married a man with two college-aged daughters, and they later had a younger boy and a girl younger between them. One can only presume it was a large house.

On moving in this work colleague was told that his cousin and husband believed in corporal punishment, although when it came down to it, he wasn’t quite ready for what he discovered.

On his first night there he was awoken in the small hours by what he took to be a woman climbing in his bedroom window. She was as shocked to see him as he was her. It turns out it was 19-year-old cousin-in-law sneaking back in after being out with her boyfriend.

She urged him not to tell on her and went off to her own room. Although he didn’t, it seems her mother found out anyway and the next morning there was one hell of a row in the front room.

The young man kept his distance until it was over and then went to see what was for breakfast. He was shocked to find the girl from the night before standing facing the wall in the front room, which visible from the dining room. She was stood with no skirt or slacks on, with her knickers rolled down below her bottom on top of her thighs.

“Don’t mind her,” he was told, “she’s going to get a good hiding after breakfast.”

Pete’s mate was a bit embarrassed and not knowing where to look tried to finish his breakfast quickly. However after about 10 minutes his cousin’s husband came into the room and the was a quick exchange of words between him and his daughter and then he pulled her down out of sight, presumably across his lap onto the sofa. Then he began spanking her with his slipper with Pete’s mate still there.

It wasn’t too brutal although the girl made a lot of fuss. After which she was returned to facing the wall, this time with a red bottom and made to stay there for the better part of the morning.

This wasn’t the only time he witnesses one or both the older girls spanked. Sometimes they got it together, but always they were made to face wall with their bottom showing before and after the spanking.

It turned out that both girls were wild with boys and staying out late, so spanking was not rare event.

The girls were always embarrassed around him for a day or two after, but then were alright about it, making jokes about him getting an eyeful and the like.

Pete didn’t say when this all happened, but it is going back a bit. This story was edited form an email so hopefully the basic facts are correct. There will be more from Pete another time hopefully.


5 Responses to “A view from the family”

  1. 1 Emilio

    For being wild with boys it doesn’t seem so strict.
    Usually I’m not the strictest but for things like that I believe those girls needed much more and maybe it wouldn’t happen too often.
    Belt, paddle & hairbrush as long and as hard as needed 😉

  2. DJ,
    40/50 years ago this wouldn’t be at all unusual, though standing in the corner bare arsed would be.

    • 3 DJ

      I have heard of such things – the truth is often stranger than fiction. Besides this story has been retold and who knows what may serve as embellishment. 😉


  3. 4 sssssssss

    MY BULLSHIT meter has just gone off

  4. My swearing klaxon has just gone off.

    It is very noisy around here.

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