The moral majority has spoken


spanking in advertisingspanking in advertisingspanking in advertisingspanking in advertisingspanking in advertisingYou might have thought that random spanking pictures have only ever been used to advertise films, even when no spanking appeared in them. However it seems that spanking has been used in advertising since mankind started printing. In Germany there is a brand of wine that has carried a spanking scene on its bottle label for generations.

The pictures above are all from mainstream advertisements over the last 50 years. Not all of them are familiar and only the famous Gucci ad was seen in the UK. Even more surprising,  only the Nike advert, which is not directly spanking related, caused any sexual controversy when it appeared.

The rather innocent girl-boy spanking picture is from Italy and was turned into a popular poster. It is an advert for something called American Eagle, which is an American clothing company. Apparently this picture did raise a few eyebrows when it appeared on account of the cigarette. The first picture may be a clothing ad from the 1970s, or perhaps a public information poster warning men about bad hair.

The point is, however edgy, unusual or attention-grabbing an advert is, it does have to appeal to the majority. So if spanking sells, does spanking appeal to the moral majority?

15 Responses to “The moral majority has spoken”

  1. DJ,
    certainly in the old days and when I was young, spanking was the recognised way of home discipline.
    Who knows what went on behind closed doors, but from the number of films depicting spanking as normal, if a little risky and frisky, I would say it was accepted.
    The moral rot of political correctness and certain other trends have brought us to our present condition.

  2. 2 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    I believe the first picture is from a fashion spread in some 70s magazine. Not sure which magazine though. Have seen it somewhere before. Thanks for resurrecting it again. It’s actually the most charming of all these methinks, and the most natural looking. Love those old school bloomers!

    Spanking has a unique appeal to the so called moral majority because it embodies both sexual frisson and paternal disapproval in one fun filled activity. Of course the possibility that the women involved might actually enjoy being spanked was not part of the foreground narrative.

  3. As a bit of a fashion victim I love that first picture. Where could I get those knickers (pants?drawers?), they’re to die for.

  4. 4 Wizard Birchwand

    I don’t know about the “moral majority” but it certainly appeals to the immoral minority (ie me!)

  5. 5 Andrea

    American Eagle Outfitters is a clothing apparel company. The young man in the second picture has a sweatshirt on with the company logo.
    I thoroughly enjoy your writing. thanks for sharing your talent.

    • 6 DJ


      I thought it was an airline I hadn’t heard of – butit turns out to be a clothing company I haven’t heard of.

      If companies I haven’t heard of are doing this then so much the better. 🙂

      Thanks – my notes just said American Eagle smoking controversy (apparently the spanking was fine)

      DJ 😉

      • 7 Scott

        “American Eagle” is an affiliate of American Airlines. However Andrea is correct, this ad is for American Eagle Outfitters, the clothing company.

  6. I think it is because spanking is seen as a bit kinky and titillating but is not so scary that it puts people on the back foot.
    I have just seen a man striking women on the bottom with a riding crop on Come Dine With Me, hardly a week goes by without someone being spanked on there.
    I think spanking is just an easy way to say “We are sexy and a bit alternative”

  7. I’m actually delighted that it was smoking that was controversial, and not the spanking. That’s a great photo. I think there is a shuttle airline operated by American Airlines called American Eagle, DJ. Or there used to be anyway. American Eagle Outfitters is quite a big store here.

    A riding crop? My life is imitating art. (or vice versa)

  8. 10 Tiptopper

    The fourth picture, gold dress, is a Gucci ad that appeared in Esquire magazine in 2006.

  9. 11 DJ

    Thanks all

    what a great response.

    The ads are

    1. a magazine photoshoot featuring a popular music combo called Hudson (?) (Thanks Pete) advertising clothes – what a memory
    2. American Eagle (a clothing company – but not the airline as stated)
    3. Ol Khaki a south african clothing company noted for their controversy
    4. Gucci – as mentioned in the article – it has Gucci embossed on the pic – but thanks Tiptopper for the heads up about Esquire in 2006
    5. a controversial Nike ad

    so all clothes and accessories then

    DJ 😉

  10. 12 DJ

    Another thing I have just noticed – three of the four spanking pictures is a left hand spanking!

    Is this code for it being rather sinister – a remarkable coinicidence?


  11. 13 Callalily

    Hello DJ, I am one of your lurkers who loves to be transported by your stories. Thank you for making my heart race. I especially love your magic series.

    That popular music group was named The Hudson Brothers. Of which one of the brothers was married to Goldie Hawn and is Kate Hudson’s father.

    Hope that helps.


    • 14 DJ

      Nice to hear from you Callailily, the Hudson Brothers eh – sounds like they were actually famous and I should have heard of them – but not all US bands cross the Atlantic (I am sure they did and were fab 😉 )

      I am glad your heart races – more magic very soon.

      DJ 🙂

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