Three Cheers


Cheer leader spankingCheer leader spankingCheer leader spankingCaught a programme on the introduction of sororities to the UK the other day; yes a US sorority is trying to set-up in Leeds of all places. One wonders if there will be spankings, of course we do, but it seems doubtful.

Another US tradition alien to the UK is cheerleading. However, given the success of glee maybe it is only a matter of time.

Found these Ray Moore pictures on the hard drive. Given the 10c price tag, presumably these are from way back. Comics were never like this in 1970s England.

8 Responses to “Three Cheers”

  1. DJ,
    I don’t know, there was plenty of spanking in the Beano and Dandy, mind you I was reading comics in the early forties. 😀

  2. I think you are thinking about cheer leading because it was on Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday. I hope you voted.

    • 3 DJ

      Is that some kind of BDSM sex show?

      • Well, there was a cage a couple of weeks ago.
        Do you watch many BDSM sex shows? Do you need some kind of memory prompt to help you to remember which one it may have been?

        (I can’t help you with the memory prompts- just curious)

  3. Those “cheerleader spanking” comic books never actually existed, the artist merely drew the covers of them. No idea if he ever meant to actually create them or it was more like wishful thinking on his part but that was as far as he ever got, these date back to the 1980’s.

    • 6 DJ

      Thanks Tony – I never knew that – I have seen these around since the ark.

      Not sure how I came by them – probably just ripped online. Although I have a lot of scans from that era – could they have been published in Janus or another international picture in the UK?


      • You may well have seen that work re-printed in more than one C.P. publication from that era, there were so many then!

        • 8 DJ

          Interesting, good material will travel though. Thanks. 🙂

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