Still Ill


Tomorrow is Love Our Lurkers Day so there will be no Blog of the Week.

As the planned short story is on hold due to yours truly being still laid low here is is Blog of the Week light. Blossom and Thorn have a huge post on Louis Malteste, including a couple of pictures that have previously been unseen here, such as the one above.

7 Responses to “Still Ill”

  1. 1 Mindy

    Sorry to hear that you’re ill. Hope you’ll get well soon. Sending you healing lots of healing vibes.

  2. DJ,
    sorry to hear that you are still under the weather, hope that you feel much better soon. 😀

  3. 3 Scarlet

    Sorry you’re under the weather, DJ. TAke good care of yourself.

  4. 4 DJ


    I hoped to get over before it had an impact on the blog – but I guess not.

    DJ 😦

  5. It has not has a big impact on the blog- but I am sorry that you are not feeling well. You need a care package. I will see what I can arrange.

  6. Hey DJ,

    Sorry you are ill…. I have a lovely video over on my blog which may cheer you up… it’s definitely hot toddy material! (Just add brandy)

    Feel better!
    ~ Aer

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