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This week’s blog is the Cherry Red Report. This week they started a strand on just what is your favourite spanking picture. That’s actually a difficult question to which there is probably no answer. The first picture above has been chosen to represent the DJ Black favourite picture because it has tenderness (of both kinds) […]

Here is a little snippet from something called Memoirs of a Pervert, which was knocking around in the late 1980s. Although, as I have said, my formative years were the 1950s, the seal was put upon my proclivities after a visit to my Aunt Margaret way back in 1961. I was 14 and one Saturday […]

“Well I think he is an absolutely horrid man,” Candy said as she whipped up the reigns so that the buggy smartened the pace. “Yes, I suppose,” her sister Martha sighed. Her elder sister Candice was right, she was always right. Martha was small with a button nose and blonde hair that she could never […]

Apparently this an annual event and the losers get spanked. That might have been made up. Who knows what is going on and why. In some of the other shots, the flag of California can be seen. So taking a wild stab in the dark this event took place in California. And where else? In […]

Here is a blog that hasn’t been featured before. It often has an eclectic mix of little snippets and articles that is really appealing in a blog. Although often considered, the reason that it hasn’t been included is because like the name suggests, All Things Spanking, it sometimes tries to pretend that there is such […]

Given yesterday’s topic, which touched upon spanking as a sex substitute, the picture above is rather apt. It was provided by Tiptopper, and was captioned ‘two girls of good family at play.’ The image, now restored to its correct orientation, would have originally been a hand-coloured photograph posed for in a studio around 1900. This […]

Until the 1980s no western was complete without a spanking. Even die-hard feminists could turn a blind eye and say, ‘oh well it was just how it was in the old west.’ In truth spanking in the old west was probably as much of a myth as a six-gun on every hip and shoot-out on […]

Over the summer there were a couple of posts about spanking in the garden. This was an US anecdote that was left out of our largely British theme. Since some of you will ask. It was found on a notepad file with some other random stuff off an old computer. Hopefully it has not been […]

Spanking fans out there in blog-land may have noticed that the Devlin O’Neil and Poppy St Vincent blogs are down. This is because the host in Utah has pulled them with no notice, proudly declaring, to paraphrase: ‘that they have gone beyond their legal duty in pursuit of their moral one.’ Brigham Young alone knows […]