All Hallows Even


Buffy Summers spanked by FaithThe picture above is supposed to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer being spanked by her some-time-ally Faith; it’s as topical as it gets.

All Hallows Even is the Christian name for the older pagan festival of Samhain, which may be derived from the old Irish for summer’s end. Although the Roman Catholic’s associate the festival with purgatory and saving souls, the Protestant puritans were opposed to it and it was not until the 19th century that it took on its current form in the US.

In Britain the tradition was more about scaring off evil demons than emulating them or inviting them into your home for treats, but thanks to the movies, every year wilder elements use it as an excuse for mayhem.

On Saturday two 20-something women knocked on the door in pink wigs in pursuit of a tradition which is a poor copy of something about which they are clueless and on the wrong day. Sometimes don’t you just wish the puritans had got their way? There are few tricks that these two girls could have learned from yours truly; but then they would have probably been really horrified.

Anyway for all those Pagans, Catholics and North Americans; have a good night and a happy Halloween or nasty one if that is more appropriate.

7 Responses to “All Hallows Even”

  1. To slay all vampires (and similar), usually having a lot of room in young women’s behavior, in effective ways every day is a good day perhaps as pictures above show.
    Tonight twice as much!

  2. 2 Mindy

    Happy Halloween, DJ!

  3. DJ, I’m of the same mind as you at this time. 😦

  4. I hope you have just the sort of evening that makes you happy. It is dark and warm and quiet here. I don’t want any trick or treaters anywhere near me and if any turn up I shall send them to you so that you may sort them out.

  5. There is a superstition that if you light a candle on samhain, and it suddenly goes out, it means a ghost has come to call. May all your lights stay lit, unless of course, you want to commune with the ghosties.

    Have a spooky evening…

  6. 6 DJ

    Well I’m glad everybody is having fun. They are still at it here – the Jaguar on the street has been egged – I guess it didn’t have any choclate!

    I love the idea of an early warning system for ghosts Scarlet – can they do that trick with LED and ESLB? My house hasn’t been lit with candles for 100 years.


  7. Well, you should use candles sometimes, DJ. They can be lovely and happy making. Goodnight.

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