My bottom belongs to Daddy


Daddy tattoo on caned bottomWhere do you stand on all those Daddy fantasies? Some of us are rather led in this area by the thought of a submissive grown woman, who in other circumstances could be an equal, and yet…

There are not many father daughter or father daughter substitute stories here and yet one look at the Spanking Library say or other respectable blogs and you will find dozens if not hundreds.

It seems to be a prevailing fantasy for many women, although we suspect, not so many men. Just as mother daughter stories provoke quite different emotions in women.

Where do you stand?

18 Responses to “My bottom belongs to Daddy”

  1. DJ.
    not all that partial to it, certainly don’t miss it here.
    But if you post some here, I will read and let you know. 😉

  2. Just no. So many reasons.

    But as Paul said, if you wrote something, I would read it and let you know.

  3. 3 George

    Really a lot of things to say, starting with daughters and dads who hopefully are going to write from their personal experience.
    My 2 cents remind that I see it as one of the sweetest relations between human beings and, as a serious and family loving man, I have no problem at all with fathers spanking adult daughters at least within the context of a Traditional Christian family. Until marriage day, I agree.
    What I hope and suggest is that when married the woman realizes the natural changes and the loving ‘owner’ becomes mr. Husband…

  4. 4 Old Tom

    I very much enjoy a well written story or account of a Daddy/Daughter relationship which involves chastisement of the daughter. I don’t like sexual overtones but the relationship and a well done punishment for sound reasons. The problem is that so often in stories like that the reasons are silly, the punishments extreme and followed by open sexual arousal in one or the other or both. That is my personal taste of course and others differ. I have writen two stories of father and daughter but was pleased with neither.

  5. This is a touchy subject for me. When I first started exploring spanking, I was young. Quite young. Having only kissed a boy I had no sexual experiences to base my spanking desires and fantasies off of. So I started fantasizing about spankings the only way I knew how, parental spankings. I started writing and thinking about a younger version of myself being spanked by a made up father and older brothers. These stories never had anything sexual in them. A rule was broken. A spanking was given. All was right in the world. I still like reading my old stories and every now and then I add a few chapters. This doesn’t mean I like thinking about children getting spanked, it just means I like to think of myself as vulnerable and the easiest way for me to do that is to think of myself as a child. Now that being said, I never call my boyfriend daddy and that thought never crosses my mind during sex or even during spanking.

  6. 6 Tiptopper

    I like father/daughter or uncle/niece and other similar stories. I also like the related stories where the people are not related but the older man acts as a father figure/mentor; for example, the school headmaster. Actually I like any well written stories with female spankees no matter who is doing the spanking.

    By the way, as an older man I find it easier to find younger women who are looking for a father figure than in the past. Why? Because the divorce rate is so high, reportedly 50%, and the mother usually gets custody of the children. As a result nowadays many young women have grown up in a household with no male authority figure and have “daddy Issues” and are attracted to older dominant men.

    This is a problem for society but also happens to be an advantage for older guys provided that they are confidant enough to use it. Of course they should use it with compassion so that both people get what they are lookng for.

  7. 7 dd

    No interest, for numerous reasons. Not that keen on mother/daughter spankings either.

    Again, I would read it if it was a new story by you but presented with a library of choice I would go first to M/F spanking stories every time. Personal preference!

  8. It does seem to be a popular concept, judging from the large number of female bloggers who call their SO “Daddy”. The sexual overtones that spanking involves are undeniably there, and their is always a whiff of incest that does not appeal to me.

    Now uncles and nieces are a different matter.


  9. 9 DJ

    Interesting responses and thank you.

    I wasn’t sounding out opinions for a story option and as far as I remember I have only written one daddy- daughter story – certainly not many.

    I just saw this picture and wondered about the older man ‘daddy’ dynamic which I have never quite got – but have no issue with.

    Thanks for the feedback – often the throw-aways that provoke the biggest response.

    Still have v limited access here 😦

    DJ 🙂

  10. A lot of couples refer to each other as Mama and Daddy or their many variations. When I was married we referred to each other as such, even before we had kids. (Now I refer to her as quite a different name). That reference ended when sex began and never did the Daddy/Daughter spanking play, not with any woman. My fantasies don’t include the Daddy/Daughter scenario. Oddly, though the Mommy/Daughter scenario is and has always been a major turn on for me. Or Aunt/Niece, Older female cousin/younger female cousin etc.

  11. 11 MsMcdonald

    The father-daughter spanking scenario illuminates an area of sexuality that is widely shunned. So, no, it does not work for me. The underplay of such stories at least sad and predatory.

  12. 12 Emilio

    I see that many comments don’t appreciate too much thus stugg because of the bad smell of possible incest.
    But I’m quite sure that also those who love it haves nothing to do with any kind of incest, just another way to understand it.

  13. I’m not sure that DJ was wondering about real fathers and daughters, but rather the dynamic that exists between some of us in spanking relationships. (I could be wrong.)

    Although I have never called my S.O. “daddy”, I can understand why some people do. While over a man’s knee, there is a sense of being protected and cared for that could be seen as paternal. Add regular discipline, rules, and authority, and one can feel that dynamic grow.

    I used to balk at the idea of calling one’s lover “daddy”. I used to avoid sites & blogs where they did. However, I really can understand it now and realize it’s not a perversity, but a sense of security. I’ve felt it myself and wondered if D and I were headed to daddy/daughter territory. We’re not, but I can no longer say “never”.

    Probably never. 🙂

    • 14 DJ

      That is exactly right.

      I hav ebeen told that some girls need to go through this stage before finding another kind of relationship or that they can only go with this kind of set-up with certain men and with others it doesn’t feel right.

      DJ 🙂

  14. 15 ernesto

    The rule was broken, and the medicine was given. That is the bottom line. The father has the first responsibility, want it or not. then follows the mother and the uncles. Finally the strangers that have some authority over you. There was a time when people knew when they did something wrong by a tingling in their lower spine. Those were times when moral attitudes were engraved by the rod on the naked uplifted buttocks. You were caught shoplifting, or riding without a ticket on a train. Your first thought always went to the buttocks, which you sensed “were soon to be in trouble.” Those were the times when those who held authority over you knew how to discharge their responsibility promptly and effectively. They taught you “consequences” you never forgot! They took extremely seriously their “parental” duty! And you loved them for it!

  15. I think the whole, whole, whole point of the Daddy thing is that he is no way your father, related to you or anything like that.

  16. It would be interesting to read the life experience of an adult daughter still on her dad’s lap.
    Only Real Life, please!


  17. 18 George

    Christmas 2015: I must say that the Xmas gift (maybe a true miracle) is to find such an adult daughter, raised to this day with loving, strict, balanced domestic discipline. No feminism, but real femininity, ready to go from the traditional Parental lap to Husband’s lap and tender arms. Nothing less!

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