A quick word about radiators


There used to be a picture (maybe there still is) on a DJ Black hard drive of three girls bending over a radiator to look out a window with their bare bottoms showing ‘doing a Jane Birkin.’

Couldn’t find the three girls but the Jane Birkin one above is still a classic and the one beneath a reasonable homage.

You have to wonder if there is a fetish about radiators. At school the girls used to sit on the radiators that teachers had to start handing out detentions like sweeties to keep them off them.

Okay so this is tenuous, but a while back there was a brief discussion on one of the boards about who got the cane and why. One of the women said she had got the cane for ‘persistently sitting on school radiators.’

Being 16, at the time she thought the worst thing was being teased about sitting and punishments fitting the crime. That is until she was 18 and ended up at the school leaving do with some friends and beers in the head’s office.

One of the kids went through his files and pulled out her school record. There in black and white were the words ‘caned, six strokes, deterrent against sitting on school radiators.’

You have got to wonder if she ever looked at a radiator the same way again.

9 Responses to “A quick word about radiators”

  1. Are those french fries on the floor just out of the first girl’s reach? Could anyone be that cruel?

  2. On second thought, a pile of petals? I’m beginning to think it’s something I don’t want to know about!

  3. 3 Wizard Birchwand

    Have to wonder if the stripes on the girl’s bum matched with the bars on the radiator….

  4. If a girl has been sitting on a radiator does that mean she has a warm bum and will not need a warm up?
    I love leaning against radiators and think that no girl should be punished for something so lovely.
    I think they are flowers on the floor, Scarlet. I think the man has just nipped out to get the champagne and the dress he has bought for her. He is taking her out for dinner and had to tie her up so she did not take a peek at all the treats he has in store for her.

  5. 5 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Wasn’t the character played by actress Christina Ricci chained to a radiator in the movie “Black Snake Moan”? I thought it made for a charming tableau.

  6. 6 DJ

    There was also a reference on the Spank Statement about a French and Saunders sketch where a girl is threatened with a cane for sitting on a radiator.

    Black Snake Moan – an odd but interesting film. I wonder how many went to see it on the strength of the poster with CR in chains and the suggestion of a black snake whip?

    DJ 😉

  7. 7 dd

    Girls sat on the radiators because it was freezing, DJ! You try wearing knee highs and a skirt in a typical gloomy English winter. We used to watch the thermometers in the hope it would get so cold the teachers would refuse to teach.

    Every now and then rumour would sweep around that you could get piles from sitting on the radiator, but it never happened to anyone I knew. It was also the best place to gossip 🙂

    I hope that the radiators were turned down low in these pictures. Those radiators get hot, I suffered burnt thighs but these poor girls are far more vulnerable.

    • 8 DJ

      Yes we had the piles story as well (and it never happened) also the radiators were so hot that you really wouldn’t want to sit on them.

      Although they were employed thus for bully purposes. 😐

      perhaps we went to the same school. 😉


  8. 9 dd

    Nope, no boys at my school and we had to wear grey serge skirts, so the heat took kits time to wear through!

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