Blog of the Week


This week’s blog is the Cherry Red Report.

This week they started a strand on just what is your favourite spanking picture.

That’s actually a difficult question to which there is probably no answer. The first picture above has been chosen to represent the DJ Black favourite picture because it has tenderness (of both kinds) with the strong arms of the spanker seeming to comfort her and a suitable penitent demeanour from the young lady who has been spanked.

The second picture is another candidate because it epitomised the dichotomy of the humbled regret and yet hints at the ambiguous satisfaction on the part of the girl who gets what she needs and needs what she gets, but isn’t sure if she wants it.

3 Responses to “Blog of the Week”

  1. Two beautiful images….two great choices ^_^

  2. Keep the favest spanking picture meme going !!

    • 3 DJ

      Well it’s the Cherry Red report who started this (hence the BotW name check)

      why not post yours 😉


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