Postcard Erotica


Edwardian spankingGiven yesterday’s topic, which touched upon spanking as a sex substitute, the picture above is rather apt. It was provided by Tiptopper, and was captioned ‘two girls of good family at play.’

The image, now restored to its correct orientation, would have originally been a hand-coloured photograph posed for in a studio around 1900. This rendition was later rendered in black and white and re-published in a later magazine.

Although very innocent to our eyes, a hundred years ago it would have been considered very saucy and publishers of images like this were sometimes prosecuted as late as the 1930s.

Ironically the same studio, possibly using the same models, would have produced much ‘harder’ images for a different market, depicting nudity, more graphic spankings and sometimes even sex acts.

3 Responses to “Postcard Erotica”

  1. 1 paul1510

    DJ, I remember seeing some very old postcards similar to this, when I was young.

  2. I think this is really, really cute and lots sexier than pictures that show everything.
    I sound really old and grumpy, don’t I? I don’t feel either of those things.
    Thank you to Tiptopper for a lovely picture.

  1. 1 - Chross Guide To The Spanking Internet

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