Over the garden fence


Over the summer there were a couple of posts about spanking in the garden.

This was an US anecdote that was left out of our largely British theme.

Since some of you will ask. It was found on a notepad file with some other random stuff off an old computer. Hopefully it has not been published on this blog before. It may have originally been on LSF, Femfirst or even Sometimes a Girl.

Reported as found (with minor edits):

KayDoop (spanked wife) says:

I loved the comment by Alicia about being spanked in the den with the doors open on to the garden only to find that the neighbours were not only listening in, but had an occasional eyeful when the drapes got parted by the wind.

Sorry Alicia, I know it was embarrassing and I’m glad you see the funny side now, but you were 18 at the time. I’m 32 and this is what happened to me last fall.

My husband has spanked me since we started going steady when I was 19. He being older, I thought it was kinda cool as mostly it didn’t hurt that much (well you know what I mean) and it was always in private. Anyway it’s our thing, so no biggie.

Long story short. I maxed the card out and we got a late bill from our local store about a coffeemaker I bought. So I went down there in my husband’s car to pay cash and make sure that the guy didn’t send anymore bills. I had better explain, that not only is it one of our (his) rules that I don’t max the card, but I had done it the month before.

Anyway on the way back from the store I hit the driveway post with the fender. OK so now you get the picture. Big trouble.

So after some yelling from my man when he gets home I am over his knee, shorts not just down, but off, along with my panties. He’s lambasting my ass with his hand still yelling. OK I got it coming. Then he asks:

“Where’d you go in such a hurry anyway?”

Well I’m bawling with a red butt over his knee and definitely not thinking straight, so I tell him the whole story.

That’s when he tells me to go cut a switch from the yard.

Now the switch was something his mom used and was still using on his sisters when we met. My sister-in-law had told me it hurt like heck, so I was scared. Then it got worse. When I went to get my shorts he told me to leave them and chased me into the yard half naked.

Now we are not exactly overlooked, but the next yard over is only separated by a four feet fence. We know the neighbours real well, so that’s not usually a problem.

That day I couldn’t see anyone around, so I quickly cut a switch, or tried to, from the bushes out back right on the corner of the yard. I am on my way back, red butt hanging in breeze remember carrying a switch when my neighbour’s husband stops me and asks from nowhere, “afternoon K, how you doing?” And then, “you OK you look upset?”

I am blushing now and keeping as close to the fence as I can and keeping the switch well out of sight. “I’m fine Pete, yeah…” Well you see my point, half naked holding a switch no idea how long he has been standing there and what he has seen.

It is absolutely impossible to get indoors with Pete standing there and my only hope is to keep talking while leaning on the fence.

That’s when my man starts yelling for me. “You cut that switch yet?”

“What’s he saying?” Pete asks.

Now Pete has got to see that I have been crying and I am red in the face, so I haven’t a clue what to say now. And I’m getting yelled out from inside the house.

I move as far down the fence as I can while babbling who knows what to Pete trying to get into the house. In the end Pete looks away for a moment and I run in calling out, “bye Pete.”

I have no idea what he saw, but still get funny looks from both him and my neighbour.

For the record the switching was the worse and I mean, owie. I had marks for over a week. But for once I was almost glad to be put in the corner afterwards.

7 Responses to “Over the garden fence”

  1. 1 paul1510

    DJ, I sometimes have my doubts about such stories, but it could have happened. 😀

    • 2 DJ

      doubt away 🙂

      personally I will believe anything until they ask me for some money 😉

      actually I have come across more doubtful claims – I have been on the edge experiences not completely disimilar to this – so you never know (shrugs)

      anyway – just a snippet – take it as you will 🙂


  2. Although a snippet like this can never be verified, I have found truth to way out do fiction, every time. It seems to me there’s nothing we can imagine that someone else hasn’t already done. Twice.

    • 4 DJ

      Hi Scarlet

      glad you are back with us – have you been busy?

      you are right – history is doomed to repeat itself

      DJ 😉

  3. Scarlet, would you like to tell more?
    This sort of thing is illegal in the UK which is very useful for girls that are naughtier than me Obviously, these laws do not matter a jot to me. 🙂

    Cute story though.

  4. Hi DJ, crazy busy, and it will stay that way for awhile, but I will try not to fall so far behind. You are such a prolific writer that missing a few days here means a lot to catch up on.

    Poppy, are there girls naughtier than you? That’s not what I heard. 🙂

  5. 7 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Real life anecdote like this are the best… treasures really. And such a lovely Kami Tora to go with it. Don’t think I’ve seen that one before.

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