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Does anyone know anything about the US group the Bumblefoots, which was some sort of women’s organisation dating from the 1940s. This picture is probably from a national convention of the group. Picture provided by Tiptopper.

Ok this is not a blog, but while the real blogs get warmed up after their summer break, it seems a good opportunity to remind people that the London Fetish Weekend is coming up on the 1st October. The London Alternative Market (LAM) is London’s first community-supporting market project held on the first Sunday of […]

Autumn Anxiety


This is probably the best season, but changes are always unsettling. Around this way there are various rituals associated with clubs going back to forever. Some of these rituals are very strange indeed and at this time of the year all manner strange costumes can be seen out on Hampstead Heath and in various pubs […]

Back to school


A Voice in the Corner has a decided focus on adult women and the psychology of their submission, hence the rarity of schoolgirl stories. However, all those spanked school girls, real and imagined, have played a major part in shaping the libido of many of us, something to do the threshold between adult and childhood, […]

A week ago, being away and knowing this blog would be post-light, we ran a test questionnaire in readiness for this Autumn’s grand survey (see two-bottoms link on right). Many thanks to all those who have contributed so far. The results of the test survey were perhaps inconclusive. For one thing only half the voters […]

A hapless girl


The rain fell like silver needles and pierced the lakes of water lying in growing pools on the road. It was one of those late summer days when the heavy leaden sky had closed just above the roof tops to cast the city in a hard grey light. Normally lack-lustre neon shop signs came alive, […]

This little news item from yesteryear was provided by Tiptopper. Aussie school teacher, Sandra, hid in the admiral’s cabin in an attempt to be reunited with her boyfriend, US Sailor Bud. After the awkward position Bud was put in, Sandra found herself in an awkward position.

Just saw this post on Poppy’s blog and thought great picture, which illustrates a unique view of corner time. Blog of the Week is Poppy’s Submissions.