Blog of Week


This has been blog of the week before, following a post about Corporal Idaho. Since Spanked in Her Dreams is currently on the night stand, thought it was worth a glance at what Devlin was posting this week only to find…

…well go and check it out for yourself. Blog of the Week, Devlin O’Neil.

7 Responses to “Blog of Week”

  1. 1 paul1510

    DJ, once more you demonstrate your good taste! 😉 😀

  2. A lovely choice. I second your pick. 🙂

  3. 3 Kaki

    Spanked in Her Dreams is my favorite Devlin O’Neill book so far. Great choice on blog of the week.

  4. 4 Mindy

    Great choice, DJ! 😀

  5. Thanks much, DJ! 🙂

    You too, Paul. 😉

  6. Dev is very loved by a cadre of friends who laugh with him and talk with him daily about all the things that matter,and many things that don’t, but are funny anyway. For a spanking blog that explores submission from the Top perspective, he has an awful lot of girls who freely share their thoughts from the other side. It’s a playful romp that provides both warmth and laughter on a daily basis for Dev’s many friends.

    I count myself fortunate to be one of those friends. Nice choice, DJ.

  7. Poppy, Kaki and Mindy, my very deep thanks to you girls as well. Your comments weren’t visible when I posted mine, and I certainly don’t want you thinking I was ignoring you. That never would do. 😉

    Scarlet, I mentioned this elsewhere, but I so very much appreciate your description of the blite. A ‘playful romp’ is exactly what it has become, thanks in large part to the group here assembled.

    So another thanks to all of you, and one more to DJ as well for letting me and my cadre co-opt his comments section, though I’m pretty sure he won’t mind.

    And if anyone is looking for my blog or for Poppy’s, she is working to sort out some technical problems and they both should be back up and running by Saturday or Sunday.

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