Panties Down And Spank Hard


PDASH, a phrase used by some sororities to express their disciplinary philosophy and the answer to yesterday’s sorority spanking puzzle.

Our winner, Eric Auden, called it in within a minute of it being posted, although several of you had the answer, which was held back for a while.

Thanks to all those who took part. And thanks to TipTopper for the original drawing and the idea.

Incidentally the picture above is from the book The Disciplinarians and the Disciplined: The Genius of Will Henry, (Kurt Stevens 1996) by E Brummett and (posthumously) Will Henry.

9 Responses to “Panties Down And Spank Hard”

  1. 1 George

    Indeed a never out of fashion philosophy!

  2. 2 Tiptopper

    I was surprised when I got so many responses to my picture puzzle. Congradulations to Eric for being the winner.

    I was wondering how many people noted the clever punishment in the above picture. The girl is forced to stand on her tip toes without rest and if she moves forward at all she will knock that platform off the coke bottles and presumably get paddled.

    That picture was obviously drawn by a spanko but various sororities have come up with equally fiendish initiation and punishment practices over the years. That is why I asked that question that I posted in the response section under my picture; has anybody else ever heard of soda bottle sitting? That is one of those things that really happened although I have never heard of it being used in any other place but in the university with which I am familiar.

    My full question is in the response section under the picture that I drew if you would care to read it. Also, has anybody else heard of unusual sorority practices? I pesonally think that sorority stories make interesting reading particularly if they are true.

  3. 3 informer

    The picture is one generally attributed to “Roger Benson.” There is a story accompanying the picture. It is supposed to be part of the initiation into a high school club, “Hi-Y”, which appears on the sitting girls jacket and the paddle. The purpose of the coke bottles and stick is to force the standing girl away from the wall, making it hard for her to hold the paper against the wall with her nose. She has to hold the paper for half an hour. If she fails, she gets 12 whacks with the paddle. This is why the paper has a “12” on it. The story appeared in the files section of a Yahoo group called “Bared Affair” or one of the overflow groups for Bared Affair.

    • 4 DJ

      That’s interesting thanks and you are right about the picture being a Benson.

      However I wonder if the story was inspired by the picture rather than the other way around.

      My information is that the picture was commissioned for Brummett’s book as one of six original drawings, my copy of which being published in 1996 and the illustration above was used for the cover.

      Even assuming there wasn’t an earlier edition, 1996 is very early in web history and Yahoo Groups was not launched until 1998?

      You make an interesting observation about it being a high school club – a sub-deb club I believe they are or were known as. It is also a subject that is included in the Brummett book.

      Thanks for the input,

      DJ Black

      • 5 Informer

        The material in the Yahoo group I mentioned is apparently recycled Benson material. There is a another fairly new Yahoo Group, TheArtOfRogerBenson, whose purpose seems to be to produce definitive versions of original Benson material. One of the items in file section of this group, “Delinquent Damsels In Distress,” is described as “a novella by Mr. Roger Benson, 1961.” It also bears a copyright of 2004, presumably applying to the re-released file.

        The image that we’re talking about does not currently appear anywhere in the new Benson group. However, it does appear in one of the Bared Affair groups, which, incidentally, seem to contain a fair amount of recycled Benson material.

        I have no idea what the actual facts behind all of this are, but the original Benson stuff seems to have been produced in the 1950’s or early 1960’s.

        • 6 DJ

          I always wondered if it was contemporary – not sure when the D&tD was first published – may have been back then – as I said my edition is 1996.

          In any case the pictures look like they are pre-web.

          I have a few benson pictires but only two or three that I haven’t see many times elsewhere.

          Any idea how big his portfolio is?


  4. Living in a small college town and working with a hundred college girls as I do I will have to keep my eyes and ears open for this.

  5. 8 Emilio

    Evergreen advice, now and as much in 2012

  6. 9 Steve Petrowske

    I love my undies taken down and laid over the bed for a good hard spanking. I love to bury my face in the pillow so I can’t see it coming. My ideal method is to have the spanker use a paddle/cord as hard as the spanker can and I love to cry and beg to have it stop and it keeps going.

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