A sorority spanking puzzle


This picture was drawn by Tiptopper and includes a simple puzzle.

Just as the symbols on the paddle stand for S&M, the other set of Greek letters also represent an acronym. What is it and what does the acronym stand for? The clue is that the answer has been on this blog before.

There is a prize for the first correct answer.

20 Responses to “A sorority spanking puzzle”

  1. 1 Eric Auden

    Panties Down And Spank Hard

  2. 2 Mindy

    It’s PDASH for Panties Down And Spank Hard! 😀

  3. It stands for “Give all the girls flowers because they are so lovely.”
    You may share my prize with the world- I am proving how lovely we girls are.

  4. I’m guessing it’s not Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Health.

  5. Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Heat?

  6. Well I hope someone gets it right and quickly because it’s driving me crazy.

  7. Google is my friend:

    Panties Down And Spank Hard

  8. Public discipline and sheer humiliation.

  9. 9 dd

    Were it an anogram instead of an acronym, I would go for Prime Delivery of Appalling Spankings Enhancer.

    However as the acronym was called for, and I’m a sucker for competitions, the literal translation appears to be “spade” but as I have a slight rememberance that these older Greeks could be tricky and that Delta could be “dl”, I will go for “paddles”.

    If I’m right, how many Green and Black’s do I win?!

  10. 11 Bruiser

    Unless I’m wrong that’s Phi Lambda Alpha Sigma Eta or PLASE
    Let’s see, there are so many for the naughty little girls out there.
    Punishment Lovingly and Swiftly Enforced
    Punishment Lovingly and Sternly Employed
    Paddled Long and Sore Everytime
    Panties Lowered and Spanked Enthusiastically
    Panties Lowered and Spanked Energetically
    Panties Lowered and Spanked Everytime
    or to quoth the Raven
    Panties Lowered and Spanked Evermore
    and finally as Tiny Tim might have said
    Panties Lowered and Spanked EveryOne
    …and if I was wrong and that was all Greek to me… well I like the ones I posted and I’m sticking with them. Love the site.

  11. 12 Kaki

    How about, panties down and spanked efficiently or

    How about, panties down and spanked erubesent.

    I do like Poppy’s answer.

  12. 13 Kaki

    Sorry, that should be erubescent.

  13. 14 Tiptopper

    As I write this nobody has gotten the correct answer to my little puzzle but I have another question about sororities.

    In the 1970’s i worked for a non-profit organization that was located right next to a large university and there were two other colleges within walking distance so we had many student volunteers. I was told by them of this unusual sorority punishment.

    The sororities had cases of empty soda bottles, not the soft plastic ones that you often see nowadays, but thick glass or plastic bottles in sturdy cases. They would have the girl or girls sit on them for long periods of time bare bottomed.

    The cases were on the floor in the common room and the girl, usually a pledge, had to stretch her legs out in front of her so that all her weight was on her behind. Also she had to fold her arms behind her across her lower back, that is, with her right hand in the crook of her left elbow and her left hand in the crook of her right elbow and not move.

    Sitting with the open tops of the bottles pressing into her bare buttocks was very uncomfortable at first and in the long term it became intolerable. They would be made to sit that way for two or three hours at a time which would break the toughest, most stubborn girl.

    They particularly liked to use this method to humble pampered, spoiled pledges who came from wealthy families and who tended to act superior to their sorority sisters who did not come from such priviledged backgrounds. They were made to sit there until they were crying and begging.

    I have heard of many other sorority practices but never before or since have I heard of this soda-bottle-sitting. So my question is; has anybody else heard of this or was it confined to this one campus?

  14. I GOT iT!!! Pdash. Panties down and spank hard!!!!

  15. Please Don’t Attack Spankable Hineys (they are American)

    (In my defence- it is 6:50 am)

  16. 17 dd

    I completely confusd anagrams and acronyms, apologies, so will try Paddle Delivery And Spanking Enforcer.

  17. 18 Bruiser

    I still think that second letter is Lambda and not Delta,,hence
    Pledges learn about spanking early

  18. 20 Tiptopper


    Lambda is open at the bottom, an inverted V. Delta is closed at the bottom, a triangle. So the second letter in the drawing is Delta. I don’t know why that some people thought the last letter was E and not H. E and H both look the same in the Greek alphabet as in the English.

    By the way, here is a tip. You can get pictures of the Greek alphabet online but if you have Photoshop there is an easier way. Click on the Type Tool, scroll down the font list to Symbol, use Shift or Cap Lock to type and when you type in the English alphabet on your keyboard what will appear on your drawing/document is the Greek alphabet equivalent. The Greek alphabet has no J or V so some other symbols appear for those letters but I don’t know what they are.

    Sorry people for being off-topic for a spanking blog. I just wanted to reply to Bruiser.

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