A sporting spanking


The above picture was supplied by Tiptopper and is from the cover of a sporting magazine of some kind.

Sport and spanking have a history together. National athletics coaches from certain eastern European countries were renound for spanking their female protégés.

In her book, Beginning and End, Romanian gymnast Corina Ungureanu, said, “I received many spankings from Mr Belu, Belu is one of the best gymnastics coaches in the world and his spankings helped me a lot. It was like an impulse to snap me out of my tired and exhausted state.”

In the UK swimming coaches have had a reputation for spanking the girls they train. One 19-year-old county champion was asked about this in a leading Yorkshire Newspaper.

“Yeah well, sometimes you get a few swats when you mess up,” said an embarrassed teen. “It’s no big deal”

A team mate was more forthcoming.

“We have to get out of the pool and bend over. Then you get half a dozen smacks. It really hurts on your wet bum.”

In the Far East, martial arts have an even tougher reputation. Not only was a women’s Tai Kwando team regularly caned individually after being made to bend over for the entire class, a Korean TV channel reported last year, but on several occasions after doing badly at tournaments, the girls were allegedly marched out of the showers in the nude and caned on mass.

Mass canings seem to be a Korean specialty, more on this another time.

6 Responses to “A sporting spanking”

  1. DJ, at least some of us know that spanking is a brilliant motivator.
    Even though our distaff side might deny it. 😀

  2. 2 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Great picture, and wonderful anecdotes here, Damien. So many factors meld together in these stories — the overarching desire for achievement, the willingness to engage in “mortification of the flesh” to further the cause of winning, the submission to a mentor or coach, the sexual potency of female athletes in the prime of their lives, and shining the spotlight of fame and publicity on traditional cultural practices from backwaters like Korea and eastern Europe. The spanking lives of athletes merit further study, I’d say.

  3. I would love to spank that behind thoroughly it just seems that all i would accomplish is one extremely sore hand.


  4. 4 George

    Is well known that in eastern Europe many fathers stiil discipline their daughters (20s included) even if overindulgence is widespread in western Europe.
    If parents want to give to sport coaches such task, well, it’s up to them!
    Easy to foretell that with traditional discipline to help their motivation… such girls will be often on the top, also in sports.
    Didn’t know about Korea, someone knows more about Asia, south America oer elsewhere?

  5. 5 Elliott

    Is there any source for the yorkshire swimmers anecdote?? Or swimming spanking in general? Never heard of this!!

    • 6 DJ

      No Idea the exact source – I think it must be the YEP or the Post

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