You are one in two million


As this blog climbs ever higher in the visitor stakes it is never-the-less amazing that you are literally one in two million, the total number of visits this blog has had since its launch just 25 months ago.

In reality of course most of you come back, so in fact there are an estimated 10,000 followers of these scribblings and there has been around another 10,000 casual callers.

A glance at just the limited links included on the right and the knowledge that several of them are even bigger than A Voice in the Corner give you some idea that you are far from alone in your interests.

The boring stats are that in two years there have been 440 posts, 2,200 comments, almost 200 original stories or story parts, about 50 articles of cod history around this issue, plus true accounts, anecdotes… eh where did they all come from?

So a big thank you to you all and hopefully it’s onwards and upwards.

8 Responses to “You are one in two million”

  1. 1 Mindy

    Congrats, DJ! As I’ve said before, you’re a prolific and creative writer. Love your blog and thank you for those squirmy stories! 😀

  2. DJ,
    Congratulations, keep doing what you do so well, and your visitors will keep coming. 😀

  3. Congratulations, ‘Voice in the Corner’, on your 2 million hits. May it be the start of something even bigger, as time fly’s by.

  4. Congratulations on your two million hits – there is a joke in there somewhere I just know it. 😉

  5. 5 Kaki

    Well, you are up to at least 2 million and five now. Congratulations, DJ, I enjoy your stories very much, you are very creative. At least I think they are fiction. *worried look on face*

  6. 6 DJ

    many thanks to you all for the support 🙂

    wew quite a journey so far thanks for coming along for the ride.


  7. My sincere felicitations, Damian. You run a damn fine blog, one of the very best on the ‘net for literate and well-presented spnking material — you deserve every bit of your success and I hope you will be here, spinning these amazing stories for us for a very long time to come!


  8. 8 caughtinthismasquerade

    It makes me feel so bad afterwards…xxx

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