Paddle Sore


There are a couple of private boards that get busted by Google, in other words can be viewed if you click on a Google search, but when you book mark that page to return to it you get shut out.

Very curious, annoying, but sometimes useful, given at least you get to beat it the first time. This is all the stranger since both appear to be feminist discussion groups, where spanking now and in the past often surfaces as a subject.

It was on one of these that Gina’s tale about her grandmother getting caned in the WRNS was lifted.

One such discussion recently was about the paddle in US schools then and now. Also more interesting than just that; the discussion centred on whether or not over 18-year-olds should be paddled.

This was soon expanded when on contributor said ‘thank heavens they didn’t paddle on the bare.’

Well guess what? One woman claimed that the paddle was very much applied to her 18-year-old bare bottom way back in the early 1960s in an all-girl school in good old Texas.

In a separate strand one mother complained that her daughter only got token swats, three in total, compared to the ‘tear-making workout she got as a teen back in the 1970s when she got up to six good ones.’

However she said that she more than made up for it at home where her daughter would get soundly spanked on the bare with a paddle ‘long after she was she left high-school and on through college.’

Where upon ‘good-old Texas’ re-joins the discussion to say that six was a token spanking in her book and she had sometimes got so many she couldn’t count; claiming, ‘they busted my hiney blue until I walked pigeon-toed and couldn’t sit down for days.’

Fact or fantasy, as EDM would have ‘you dear reader decide.’

5 Responses to “Paddle Sore”

  1. Wow that is one sore butt. But I wonder if the stories are just that.


    • 2 DJ

      a mix of fact and fiction maybe – but then I never cease to be surprised what turns out to be true – I have certainly heard of more extreme things that were true. So who knows?

      Thanks DJ

  2. 3 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Would you consider posting the names of, or links to, these forums you’ve been researching, Damien?

    • 4 DJ

      There’s the rub – as I said – I find them and book mark them and they are gone or closed when I try to go back. As the links were useless – I don’t have them – however I beleive that one of the forums was called female first. I don’t remember what the other one was called or which of the two I got this discussion off.

      I do remember it was a quite old discussion and no one had added to it for a while.

      The Gina grandmother story – I think was female first – again not absolutely certain.

      I also must point out that these were nuggest amid a lot of worthy generality about education and family stuff.

      good luck


  3. 5 George

    At school or not, mothers’ best friend (to change a few attitudes).

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