Taking a fresh look


It is funny how the mind works. Here are two unrelated stories that ran together in the old noggin.

Apparently there is a story going around that Keira Knightley won’t allow her bottom to be seen on camera. Some say she has even had it written into her contract. Now at the same time this story is doing the rounds there has been some fuss made of the advertisement featuring Keira’s bottom as she rides a motorbike. Perhaps we should look again, if she is so bottom –shy maybe it is a body-double.

Now this is the other story that was thrown up from the reaches of the mind. Years ago one whilst riding home in the dark a girl passed up ahead and ran the whole way ahead of the journey.

Even in the dark it was obvious she had a magnificent bottom; a real incentive to pick up the pace to try and catch her.

The pursuit was fun but the girl was lost at the end of the street where home was.

No real problem, it wasn’t as if anything was going to happen and the lovely girlfriend of that time was waiting at home.

Then sweeping into the yard of home, there dismounting, was the bottom.

“It’s only me, I borrowed a friends bike,” said the girlfriend, “was that you behind me all the way? I thought it was.”

Maybe it is part of the human condition that the grass is always greener, or maybe we just need to stop once in a while and take a fresh look.

5 Responses to “Taking a fresh look”

  1. Never a truer word written. Appreciation is in the eye of the beholder, and a girl does thrive on appreciation. Now imagine some trite line about a bum in the hand being worth something or other.

  2. 2 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Another great ‘dote, Damien. Now I’ve seen that lead picture before somewhere but I can’t remember the name of the photographer. Sure is a good one.

    Oh, Keira Knightly is now officially in the running for “international woman of mystery”. This is just the sort of buzz that will cement her fame in the minds of milions. Maybe her publicist planted the story.

    Just today in the local news there’s something about eight volunteers being made to turn and face the wall when Madonna entered the Bell Lightbox theatre for the Toronto International Film festival appearance. The story is denied by her handlers… of course. How else do you create controversy?

  3. Hm, never heard of that one. If it is a body-double, never mind, it is still gorgeous, not-too-big, not-too-small, beautiful in shape…

    • 5 DJ

      As far as I know the picture isn’t Keira Knightley and wasn’t supposed to be – the picture is just a girl on a bike.

      This post isn’t really about Miss K – the theme of taking a closer look just reminded me of the anecdote. 🙂

      Thanks for notciing 😉


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