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Our story continues Over the following weeks, when not extracting impromptu copy from press releases and carrying out her other duties, Mary really got to grips with the hidden history of the Lanark Island Herald. In one of Amelia Law’s diaries she found an insight for the origin her unusual regime. Even before the formal […]

Here are what maybe some more real sorority pictures from the 1950s courtesy of Tiptopper.

Our story continues. A few days after her spanking, Mary saw Mrs Granger and Mrs Bonham talking outside the shop. It had been bad enough that Mary was sure Mrs Bonham had noticed the way Mary sat, or rather had desperately avoided sitting over the last few days. However, seeing them together, she was overcome […]

These pictures were contributed by Tiptopper. One may be an actual sorority picture of an initiation hazing from the 1950s. The other is a magazine cartoon from the same period.

Our story continues. It was the end of the first day and Mary was buzzing. Her ‘homework’ was to get to know the island and see if she could dig up a story for the next issue, which was just four days away. As she passed the inn she saw signs of life and contemplated […]

This week’s blog hasn’t been updating for a while but it seems it is back in business. If you haven’t seen it before, it is a rolling Edwardian spanking novel, a kind of Upstairs downstairs with spanking, so it’s worth going back to the beginning. Now reinstated to the blogroll, Winterbrook Hall.

Mary Louise Rossington stood at the front of the Lanark Island Ferry craning her neck for her first glimpse of what was to be her home for the year. She still could not believe her luck that out of who knows how many thousand applicants she had been picked as this year’s intern for the […]



Having recently bought a dragon cane the subject of respect came up. As in “this one will get you a lot of respect.” But also, and this is important the recipient has to be treated with respect, ‘this is not a toy’ as mother might once have said. Now why is this topical? Well on […]

Spanking and bondage is often an acquired taste, which some people never get an appetite for. Certainly if your thing is female submission, then one might argue bondage has a limited appeal. Having a woman bend over, however reluctantly, to cooperate with her spanking has to be more fun. After all one volunteer is worth […]

It had been two years to the day since this blog was launched and in that time there have been almost 200 original stories and 150 articles or snippets and over 400 posts. On the quiet it had been hoped that this would be a joint celebration, but the two millionth visit is probably still […]