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  1. DL, I believe the quality of the writing is what attracts me.
    I also like the stories to be believable, rampent abuse doesn’t work for me.

  2. I think Paul is right. If the writing feels true, and if the characters make me connect to them, then the setting can be the Old West or Mars, and it just adds to the deliciousness of the story. I personally relate more strongly to M/F stories, but I think you write such interesting things, and you should write what’s inside you and what needs to be told. The quickest way to scare the muse away is to try to tell her what to do.

  3. If you take the F/f maternal and the F/f other and put the stats together F/f edges out M/f. I’m just sayin’……

    • 4 DJ

      no it doesn’t – not if you analyse it properly

      1. multiple choice is allowed
      2. there is only one question on M/F

      also if you take the total vote then I think people are saying it depends

      but nice try 😉


  4. 5 Kaki

    I am with Scarlet and Paul. I prefer M/f stories but I enjoyed the stories you wrote because the story itself was very interesting. If the story is well written and has a good plot then it really doesn’t matter who is doing what as long as it makes sense in that setting. I can’t think of any of your storiesI didn’t care for.

    If you want to know my favorite, it is the westerns with good looking, strong rugged cowboys. *swoon*

    • Kaki, westerns with good looking, strong rugged cowboys have filled my dreams for years. Something about all that leather and the open spaces and the little dogies and campfires…sigh.

      When I’ve been out west, though, something about all that open space and big wide skies unsettles me. That must be what we need the cowboys for.

      DJ, sea captains and pirates are also nice. And spies.

      Actually, you could probably write about a male nurse or a male kindergarten teacher and I think he would be the Toppiest thing. 🙂

  5. What Kaki said, twice and wth spurs on. 🙂

  6. 8 Kaki

    Scarlet, Arnold played a kindergarten teacher. I am thinking Sam Elliott or Tom Selleck for the cowboys.

    Poppy, and lots of leather, hat, boots, chaps, belt, gun holster, mmmm.

  7. 9 Paul

    I wish there were more M/F School stories. You have a talent for writing them, Mr Black! Your school stories are the very best! ‘Sophie’s Sacrifice’ is one of the best M/F school stories I have ever read. Yet, there is a total paucity of them on here A great pity

  8. Maybe a story about schoolgirls who inexplicably find cowboys in their classrooms? I’m sure you could make that believable!

  9. 12 Emilio

    2 girls in a sort of school?

    Well, naked as they are they are quite ready to get corporal punishments if they don’t show they have studied.
    Parents who spend a lot of money for their education should test this way if their money are well spent.
    A= no punishment
    B=simple handspanking
    C=usual spanking for adult brats (belt, cane, hairbrush, carpet beater) + final cornertime
    D=really a “D” ? Well (or maybe not) probably a spanking you’re going to remember… including kneeling cornertime before and standing cornertime after
    E and lower letters: NO, I don’t like harsh, long, humiliating punisments one after another, pls NEVER in your life get such a bad vote!

  10. 13 Ayla

    DJ, you already know about me and real-life “pirates.” And I am in total agreement with the other ladies about the cowboys, the more spurs and leather the better. Having spent the best twenty years of my life in mountain, coastal, and desert wildernesses (all of which really do have men on horses in the right places and at the right times–embarrassingly so that time I was skinny-dipping in that mountain lake that I didn’t know had a regularly used horse trail above it….) stories in those locales bring back the enjoyment I had simply being in those empty places. And my preferences for spies is definitely WWII, working against the Nazis anywhere in the world. But like everyone else already said, you are one of the best– whatever you write. Particularly in that it comes through that you genuinely like your women, regardless of how much they deserve that spanking. You can manage rather severe corporal punishment that is not “abusive” because of the value systems of the characters and the context of the story. And the spanking elements aside (even if they are the reason for the story), you just write great short stories and novellas that are true erotica, rather than BDSM’s version of porn.

    That said, I wanted to tell you that if there was a box for school stories on the poll, I would have checked it. And perhaps what I shouldn’t say, although it comes from a background of experimental science, curriculum development, and the creating of many multiple-choice tests, this may have been the worst survey I’ve seen (although I am sure there are many worse in the kinds of magazines I don’t read). What exactly were you trying to find out? What people like to read? You already have a search engine on your site and stories have to be grouped by sub-genre for that to work. Your website index to the stories is also very finely divided into categories. So don’t you have the statistics from the search engine, like how many times each story was opened? Or how many times each index category was selected? That would give you information on people who read but do not comment or fill out surveys. And is likely to be your best source of that information. The folks at Kilhara Library of Spanking Fiction, where you also have stories, have absolutely amazing statistics that could contain some of the information you are looking for, as well as the choice of “favorites”. They may be able to set you up with the stat collecting programming you’re looking for.

    But this is summertime and the living is supposed to be easy. And you suggest you put this poll up just to fill space so that the site would seem active when you wouldn’t have time to write or post much? Why not just allow yourself the luxury of well deserved time off. You have such great photos. Make some “Out To Lunch” until….. or “Gone Fishing” Back… I hear there were once some great salmon streams somewhere over there. Scotland? Well, go to Scotland to look for the salmon and find a single malt distillery in the heather. We’ll wait for you. Your fans are loyal! Probably even the anonymous ones. Just like the world waited for Arthur Conan Doyle when Sherlock Holmes went over the falls and Doyle insisted he was dead and would remain dead, then only wrote stories that pre-dated the fall–until he finally gave in to world demand and brought Sherlock back to life and to England from somewhere in the Far East. We will wait. You are that good and your fans are loyal. Go to a nude beach somewhere and envision all the bottoms red. We’ll wait. To think of your site as a blog requiring frequent posting above all else may not flatter a muse with standards as high as yours. Don’t dilute fine whiskey with the water from melting ice. Leave that to Americans like myself who write overly long comments.

  11. 14 DJ

    Trust you to get yourself in a fix.

    But you are right about the school box – an obvious omission. But the poll was a good rehearsal anyway.

    Well Scotland and whisky sounds good – unfortunately it was business.

    Wow a comparison with Conan-Doyle – praise indeed – would spanking detectives be a new genre – hmmm

    thanks for that. 🙂


    • 15 Ayla

      As to Sherlock Holmes as a spanking detective, I could definitely see that working well in a story of yours, particularly because you would also have the Victorian time period and London locale. Sherlock Holmes was not a man that had any patience with female foolishness. Now, Watson on the other hand, would be smitten by the charms of the lady to be spanked, charms Holmes would be totally unaware of, and would surely petition him to let her off–perhaps suggesting brandy as a substitute for a “good spanking” to calm a hysterical woman so that she could give a coherent account of the matter at hand? Holmes as a spanker never occurred to me, but he would be perfect.

  12. The “worst survey I have ever seen”!
    Gosh, Ayla gets away with a lot in her comments on this site.

    • 17 Ayla

      Well, I don’t comment in public that often. Don’t get on-line often these days either. So perhaps that evens things out? A few large transgressions instead of many smaller ones?
      My biggest problem is that I am a bit jealous, not having someone to keep me better behaved on this side of the pond. Doubt I would feel so bold if I lived in London, but since I am literally “out of reach” over here…..
      By the way, I have enjoyed my trips to your blog too, Poppy.

      • Thank you very much, Ayla.
        I am not sure I have anyone to keep me better behaved- just someone to make a really concerted attempt to do so. 😉

  13. Glad to see that bus goes both directions! 🙂

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