The mark of a good spanker


Since beginning this blog there have been a few comments and emails about the description of spankings. In particular, some people have said that in real life women could not take half of the canings and spankings described in an average DJ Black story. One kindly soul, who liked the story, said the category five punishments depicted in The Academy would result in ‘broken bones.’ Experience and anecdotal evidence must dispute this.

Now experience is a movable feast in that it is highly relative. A man who in one life time has spanked 10 girls an average of 100 times each is quite experienced, but is an amateur compared to another man who might have spanked five different girls a week, every week for 30 years. Someone like Dallas at DSH say.

Based entirely on experience to hand, it has to be said that on the whole, it is the aftermath of the spankings described in the stories on this blog that is sometimes fanciful. Having occasional given a full on caning of over 50 strokes, the longest a girl couldn’t sit down after was 24 hours; albeit with a little lasting tenderness. That is probably exceptional as such a caning would only be given to women who could handle it and a softer bottom may indeed suffer more.

However, a full-on hand-spanking of 15 minutes duration is not much more than average and most women with an appropriate disposition can handle that without tears or marks that last beyond a few hours.

A brush of various grades can (and almost certainly will) induce bruising and a reluctance to sit on anything without padding for a day or two.

A spanking carried out with something of a yielding texture, preferably leather, will redden but often not bruise. In fact if a lasting red without bruises is the desired effect, then you will need to stop improvising and invest in a professional leather hand-paddle.

Be aware, however, all women are different. Some will squeal and even cry after a few moments application of the hand or slipper, especially if young, inexperienced or unduly apprehensive. Another will be smiling again a few minutes after 50 strokes of the dragon cane even if she can’t sit down. (Although if she smiles during her punishment you are doing it wrong.)

Ultimately of course it is all in the mind; the pain, humiliation, submission and sexual arousal, all of it. That is why each woman is different and that is what makes it interesting.

That brings us to the moral of our post. Don’t confuse reality with fantasy and whilst it is always wise attend to the woman before her bottom, don’t forget the state of the bottom altogether. Some women write cheques that her bottom can’t honour.

15 Responses to “The mark of a good spanker”

  1. DJ,
    Very true, all spankees are different, thank god.
    It is up to the spanker to remain aware that the spankee’s balance is not overdrawn.

  2. I want to say something really bratty (and I have about 53 different bratty responses to this piece) but part of me feels like being a bit well behaved for some reason.
    I wish every Top was like you.
    And you are right about so much being in the mind. For me, not being able to sit would require damage that should not happen as a result of a spanking but that wincing, slow sitting down and persistent reminder is far more likely. It is a bit humbling to look longingly at an easy chair and feel a little apprehensive about an unadorned wooden chair. It is much worse if you are with the man who caused that pain and knows exactly what you are thinking.

  3. That last line is reminding me of someone…but who?

  4. 4 George

    Certainly there are a lot of different spankees.
    Anyway commonsense and care for her is always a must.

  5. Good point, George.
    Common sense tells me that care for any spanked girl would involve chocolate. I thought that may be too obvious to say but with Tops one never knows.
    Scarlet, I had the same question. I was thinking Kaki.

  6. 6 Old Tom

    Well I received 12 strokes of the cane on my bare backside as a youth and I had welts that were large and hard and took days to go down plus a number of places with broken skin that bled a little. If you are giving 50 strokes of the cane like that then any claim that it isn’t severe is just bloody nonsense. I agree broken bones is just bloody nonsense as our backsides are not rich in delicate bones. If you tap away then 50 or 100 strokes is OK and a lot depends on what sort of cane you use. Perhaps you’d be best to define your terms before laying down the law.

    • 7 DJ

      Not sure which terms you wished defined? Or which law I had laid down?

      I did not mean to suggest that 30 or even 12 was not severe or belittle your experience, of which I know nothing, only that contrary to some scepticism, my stories were in fact plausible.

      Further than that – I was suggesting – following previous comments such as yours – that far from exergagerating the punishments in stories – I have at some time or another administered such and that if anything in practice the consequences described were an exaggeration.

      But I also went on to point out this was only my experience and that it should not be taken as a general principle as all women are different.

      I hope this clarified things for you.

      Puzzled by your tetchyness – DJ Black 😐

  7. Old Tom, could it have been that your bottom just was not used to it at all? I suspect that to be the case.
    My case study is of one bottom but it is my bottom and I am most interested in its welfare. When I am chastised on a regular basis my bottom is capable of taking many horribly hard strokes of a dragon cane. I would be glad if I were tapped (except it might make me angry and I am prone to biting when I get annoyed) but it is never tapped. The canings I get are severe and they do really hurt but the marks of a cane do not stay on my bum.
    I find that most irksome as I could use some welts as deterrant for future canings and I do like the idea of badge of honour but it is simply not for me. I think it would have been very different if my unspanked 18 year old bum had ever been caned.

  8. 9 Lars

    For one part I think it comes down to the individual female. For example a former girlfriend of mine could take really hard spankings. I could use a heavy bathbrush on her bare bottom for several minutes and she hardly made a sound. My wife hovewer squeals and kicks her legs after a few quite sound smacks with my hand on her bare bottom, She could never
    take the spankings my former girlfriend got.

    It iis worth noting that my ex-girlfriend had a very strict mother who used spank her bare bottom regulary, whereas my wife did not get spanked before the age of 32.

    Let me add that this blog is really really good and it manages to capture everything I think spankings should be about. Strict, but loving and caring. And the writing is of a very high standard.

  9. 11 George

    Of course no woman is guilty of being raised in so an overidulgent way to never get a spanking before her 30s.

    But for me one more reason to prefer 100% well raised (and spanked until marriage day) young women to build a relation -and a family- where fair DD has its huge importance and meaning 🙂

  10. I wonder if being spanked helps with spelling and grammar.

  11. 13 Ayla

    Found this post not only interesting, like so many others, but as erotic as your best stories. Perhaps because I am most aroused in real life by fantasies that could actually happen. Plausible is not enough for me. I like possible, at least a ghost of a chance. So why such a strong reaction to this technical piece? Maybe because there is no doubt that DJ is the one holding the cane and hairbrush? After all, there was this woman who swam across the Atlantic Ocean…Or was that the English Channel? Definitely past my bedtime.

  12. 14 Ayla

    I wasn’t going to say this, but Poppy does seem to get away with a lot in her comments on this site.

    Doesn’t the concentration of bruising in the photo look way too high to you? For me the best part of a spanking is the aftermath, but the swelling and bruising has to be focused much more toward the “sit spot,” nearer the underside of the cheeks, for a full appreciation of those wooden kitchen chairs and Church pews. Not to mention that the collateral swelling we ladies are the most interested in also usually occurs lower down.

    Of course I am a novice here, receiving only one session with a cane in my life, an hour of strokes slowly increasing in severity. And I did train the man who did the deed (preceeded by a hand spanking that lasted 1 1/2 hours) how to top. But the aftermath of that caning, which took place 11 pm the night before I left his home, made for an unforgettable 7 hours of bus and train travel the next day. The day following, I was so intensely aroused that I had to masturbate to orgasm 10 times just to keep from going out of my mind, something I normally can’t do more than once every 1-2 days. How did those public school girls get any studying done?

  13. If it is any help, Ayla, I get away with precious little else. 😉

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