Spanking the Cheer Leader


Basketball Cheer Leader, moments after being spanked with paddle seen on the right

The above picture was provided by TipTopper and is dated, 24 February, 1961.

TipTopper says:

“The photo was taken at a local college basketball game. If you are not familiar with American basketball this is the set up. There is a court on which the game is played surrounded by a line marked on the floor but no physical barriers. Then there are the side-lines and then there are the stands for the spectators. The cheerleaders stand on the side-lines usually facing the audience to lead the cheers.”

“In this particular instance one of the inexperienced freshman cheerleaders in her enthusiasm stepped backwards onto the court and interfered with a play on the court costing her team some points. The other cheerleaders, being very upset with her, surrounded her and spanked her right there in public. A newspaper photographer who was covering the game took the attached photo of her right after she was spanked and it was published in my local newspaper the next day.”

He goes on to suggest that the spanking was carried out with a paddle, which was applied to the seat of her panties.

Evidently cheer leader spanking has a long tradition in the US, where they are often spanked in initiations and by their coach for a faux pas such as the one described above.

There is a thread running about this over at Sometimes a Girl at the moment.

Research reveals that cheerleaders are often given swats for missing their cue in rehearsal. Also newbies are subject to various rituals. These may include being spanked, made to perform the routines sans culets, until they earn their ‘spankies,’ the name given to the panties worn by cheerleaders. They are also required to wear diapers and a dummy (pacifier as it is called in the US), items which they are sometimes required to buy for themselves.

One ritual, which does not seem to be the norm, even has aunts, mothers and sisters getting in on the act.

“Being a cheer leader in our family is a BIG deal,” says one 16-year-old high school student. “When my sister made the squad, we had an all-girl soiree at our house and my aunts, cousins and friends, almost all serving and former-cheerleaders were invited. There are gifts, for the lucky girl but also something like a birthday spanking, which got quite rough. I try out next semester and I am nervous about it, but sis says the spankings she gets on the squad are far worse. In my family there is no way I can dare not try for it.”

Cheer leading, like sororities, is another tradition that is almost unheard of in the UK.

9 Responses to “Spanking the Cheer Leader”

  1. No basketball? No cheerleading? No sororities? It’s almost like you live in a different country! 🙂

    • 2 DJ

      It is very similar to living in another country. We have borders and passports and everything…

      DJ 😉

  2. 3 George

    Good traditions are lovely…

  3. I can’t believe I missed this first time around. Any more info?

  4. Who wants to bet the photographer has photos of the actual paddling in his private collection?

    • 6 DJ

      They may well have been public back in the day – but what survives is what makes the newspapers 😉

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