Living in Iowa; reality doesn’t apply


Was this a dream job or just a dream? Back in the 1940s [Ed. update – two references put this in 1907 – although one of those uses the above picture – none has a date on the cutting] the New York Times ran an item about the head of the education department in Bristow, Iowa, being reemployed with a $1,800 pay rise because he put down a minor rebellion among some 18-year-old seniors at a Bristow high school.

Although there were several reports about the incident, none of them explain just what the girls did, preferring instead to focus on the educationalist hero, one Professor D L Correll or upon the punishments themselves.

Six 18-year-olds were spanked at the Bristow school, four are pictured in the above report, it has been suggested because the other two were in fact 17, although six were identified at the time in the group class photograph.

One newspaper speculated that they were spanked by hand over professor Correll’s knee and another that a paddle was used. It was even suggested that the girls were partially unclothed for their spanking. Did this mean on the panties or the bare?

The school refused to reveal details.

One parent was not as publicity shy and apparently claimed that her 19-year-old daughter “certainly got it afterwards.” On the bare? “Is there another way?”

It was said that one publication even carried a salacious drawing (not the one pictured), although this is not available, if it ever existed.

The local Bristow newspaper, the probable source of the group photograph, was apparently more explicit about the events and their consequences, but this report is unavailable.

19 Responses to “Living in Iowa; reality doesn’t apply”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    As was said to my journalism school friend by a street newspaper vendor, as he was buying an outdated copy of the New York Times:

    “If you haven’t read it yet, it’s still news to you”.

    I think that saying applies rather well to this particular news story from times long past.

    My don’t those 18 year olds in the school group photo look like a well-disciplined parcel o’ brats. I wonder if that was the before or the after shot.

    From the focus of the story, one would think that spanking was a mainstream interest in the 1940s.

  2. 2 paul little

    Like to think that the girls who have been spanked are the ones {standing! for obvious reasons! }the back in the photo!!!!!

  3. How on earth do you find these things?
    This is a fascinating story. I love the idea of these girls causing such terrible trouble that such drastic measures had to be taken and he does sound like a terribly capable sort of man.
    I love this clipping- I could spend hours imagining it. 🙂

    • 4 DJ

      I don’t find out any more than any other run-of-the-mill obsessive.

      Also I am a collector so sooner or later I find snippets that match up with additional info…

    • 5 PeeJay

      why – are you a naughty girl then?

  4. I think those girls would have been friends of mine if I were at school with them back then…Poppy, I’m sure you would have been at our lunch table too.

    • 7 PeeJay

      so, what do naughty girls do these days to be dealt with capably?

  5. Bravo to Professor Correl for having the courage to spank naughty schoolgirls in Bristow, Iowa. Yes, the hand spanking that was given to these unruly female students, were well deserved. More professors in the U.S.A., should resort to corporal punishing their naughty female students, and hopefully they will not shy away from administering these spankings on their bare bottoms.

  6. 9 Kaki

    Scarlet, I am sure they would, I on the other hand would be sitting with the good girls.

  7. Kaki, you would already be in Professor Correll’s office. The rest of us would be at the lunch table wondering what was happening to you.

  8. 11 Joe

    The NY Times article actually appeared on June 17, 1907. That casts substantial doubt on the photos since they are clearly from a later period.

    • 12 DJ

      I agree if the article does date from that year – but a $1,800 pay rise in 1907 was a staggering amount – are you sure of your date?

      love to see a link – because there is a mystery here – great 🙂

      The pictures were associated with another article – may its two very similar events.
      Many thanks for the contribution.


      • 13 Joe

        From the NYT archives search:

        SPANKS 18-YEAR-OLD GIRLS.; Iowa Professor Gets $1,800 Increase in Salary for His Courage.


        Special to The New York Times. ();
        June 17, 1907,
        , Section , Page 1, Column , words


        BRISTOW, Iowa, June 16. — Because he had the courage to spank six girls, averaging 18 years of age, Prof. D.L. Correll, head of the public schools here, has been re-employed with an increase of salary of $1,800 a year.

        • 14 DJ

          great thanks 🙂

          Maybe the pic is real – but I’m not sure – it doesn’t look like it – wonder where its from 🙂

  9. 15 Peter jameson

    Loved this Article and I hope to read more…

  10. 16 Judy

    The story may be from 1907, but I don’t think girls were dressing that way when attending school in 1907. That picture looks more like the 1940s, at least from what I think I’ve seen in movies from that era.

    As usual, I find well-done drawings much more evocative than many photos are.

    As a teacher myself, I sometimes fantasize about being spanked like that by my principal (I am 29).

    • 17 PeeJay

      I would both love to role play being such a principal and be dealt with by a capable female teacher!!!

  11. Love the article and yes good to see other stories that show merrit for spanking.

  1. 1 - Chross Guide To The Spanking Internet

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