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Aunt Carla over at Carla in the Corner has some nice pictures of Pixie and more to the point is launching her novella The Girls of Wilkins Prep. So take a stroll over to this week’s blog of the week, Carla in the Corner.

Much has been written about the caning of women in the Royal Navy during the Second World War. These episodes seem to fall into two types of incident, the semi-official and the unofficial. Although, except for perhaps at Dartmouth, no serving man seems to have been subject to the same discipline. This was probably for […]

Casey and Joanne were running around and around the luggage carousel pretending to be airplanes. “Girls please,” Heather said half-heartedly as she rubbed her temples trying to stave off the impending headache. “We’re taking off,” the four-year-old Casey sang. “I’m landing,” Joanne said in a tone redolent with ‘so there.’ “I’m landing too now,” Casey […]

Now it has been a fine week for spanking blogs and it has been hard to choose. Tiffany’s Discipline Her is back and that is worth a mention, but that is not an event specific to this week. Then Valdor posted this at the Spank Statement. This is a particular UK-centric find but nonetheless if […]

Prologue It was Margot Wheeler’s wedding day. Her second marriage and only her third man; she had never got around to marrying Pete, Louise’s father and the messy divorce from Karen’s dad did not bear thinking about. She shuddered. “Third time lucky,” Margot said, trying hard to convince herself. Karen at just 14, decided not […]

Parcel of Brats


Don’t you just love the English language? Who would have thought, but the language of Shakespeare does have an official collective noun for brats. It is apparently a parcel of brats. Karl used the phrase when he said he was reminded of a parcel of rogues. We had some good suggestions, including some for a […]