Much ado about nothing


It is summer and as usual it is hard to fit everything in. There are two stories, two features and a bit of fluff in the pipeline, but none of it is ready.

So meanwhile here is some music, well a picture anyway.

It is just not good enough; you should complain. Go on, dare you.

7 Responses to “Much ado about nothing”

  1. 1 scarlet

    I wouldn’t dare.

    Kaki might.

  2. I complain.

  3. 3 Poppy

    DJ, I know you are a man with an iron hard will and all that but this must have made you smile a bit.
    We couldn’t even see each other’s comments.

  4. 4 Mindy

    Since you asked, I complain. (Just being a good girl and following your orders. šŸ˜‰ )

  5. 5 scarlet

    Have I been sleepwalking? Complaining in my dreams? Apparently…either that or I have been thrown under a bus by a woman who is supposed to be cavorting with the bears!

  6. 6 kaki

    Poppy is being awfully brave when she has bears, snakes, wild boars and lots of miles between her and a baby birch.

    I wouldn’t complain, I will sit patiently and wait until you are ready, DJ. That is because I am good, not like others.

  7. 7 kaki

    If we complain and stomp our feet and pout will we get stories any faster?
    *pouts and stomps foot* I will even add whining, we want a storrrryyyyy.

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