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Trying to think of a blog for this week it seemed appropriate to fall back on divine inspiration. However it didn’t work.

So clicking on the links on the right there was a post about Corporal Idaho on Devlin O’Neil’s blog; a book that has only just been put down on the bedside table. Now if this isn’t divine something or other… anyway, that’s why Devlin O’Neil is Blog of the week.

18 Responses to “Blog of the Week”

  1. 1 kaki

    Good choice, DJ. I just downloaded Corporal Idaho and started it last night. You got me in trouble with your comment, you said it was nice to spank the boss so I thought Cameron got spanked. *I was pretty sure he didn’t but wanted to see that vein in Dev’s neck stick out* 🙂

    I have about five more episodes of The Academy to read. Are there more coming or is the series finished?

  2. What a beautiful judicial spanking scene. A naughty lady being caned on her bare bottom. I hope she was given 25 strokes. for her erring ways.

  3. Yeah, I have the same trouble with divine inspiration – like cops, never around when needed. 🙂

    Really appreciate it, DJ, and glad you enjoyed the book.

    Love the photo illustration as well.


  4. 5 scarlet

    DJ, wonderful choice for blog of the week! It’s a fun place when Dev isn’t reading from Corporal Idaho.

    Dev, that is not a nice photo. Nice photos have puppies or butterflies or pie in them.

  5. 6 Poppy

    A wonderful choice 🙂

    Do we have to call you Sir to get you to respond to us when we comment?


    Tempting but I feel it will take more than that to make me use the S word. 😉

    • 7 DJ

      that might work


    • 8 scarlet

      Poppy, I noticed that, too, but I wasn’t going to bring it up. You, on the other hand, might want to start doing a little practicing.

      • 9 Poppy

        I think, using the S word is not something that needs practising as when it is required it is somewhat of a forced issue so choice has nothing to do with. A girl simply can’t practise for that sort of thing.

  6. 10 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    It’s always good of you to highlight some of these lesser-known blogs, Damien, so they can start getting the volume of traffic that they deserve.

    That said, I think we can fairly state that Devlin’s blog is NOT one of the lesser-known, among the spankerati.

    Hmmm, I wonder whether Poppy had any influence in this selection…

    • It was a total surprise to me, Karl and I have no influence on anything, that includes blog choices. 🙂

      • 12 Karl Friedrich Gauss

        I suppose you just do as you’re told, like a good little girl, eh Poppy?

  7. 13 Mindy

    Nope, no argument with this choice. It’s a wonderful and fun place to be. 😀

  8. 14 paul1510

    Dj, good choice.
    I;d say that the prisoner is bound to be good. 😀

  9. Funny, Paul. 🙂

  10. Karl, I am pleased that you know me so well.
    I am the very embodiment of obedience and am never difficult or grumpy, as well you know.

    • 17 scarlet

      There are so many ways to be disobedient, and Poppy knows all of them. Wait, I meant obedient! Didn’t I? Maybe we should take a vote.

  11. I have been very good today.
    I have not got into trouble today.
    Unlike Scarlet.
    The universe voted already.

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