A family that spanks together…


The phrase, ‘a family that spanks together, stays together,’ has been doing the rounds since at least the 1980s. Probably the first time this author stumbled across it may have been in the pages of a Martin Pyx novel.

A commentator on a forum back in the 1990s said for her it conjured up an image of some kind of weird BDSM cult, which it has to be said is not an unnatural reaction.

Obviously the origins are far more respectable and mundane, rooted as they are in the American Bible Belt, a sentiment which Pyx and others intended to invoke; a phrase that seeks to promote spanking as a wholesome family activity and an idea that young unmarried women are never too old to go across a parental knee. Amen to that; no mockery intended.

Pyx would have it that the idea of the spanking family in this form was born of the USA’s response to its emergence on the world stage and its need to hold something back of the old cosy domestic America in the face of communism in the post-war 1950s. One may doubt that a philosophy based on spanking would be so coherent back in those innocent days and that whole thing was a retrospective nostalgic construct, but who knows?

It can no longer be doubted that the concept, if not the act itself feeds a deep-seated need in some young women. Yours truly has been approached in the recent past by a 20-year-old woman who genuinely lamented the demise of her domestic spanking regime at the hands of her mother who discontinued it when she turned college age.

Eventually contact was lost after she was urged to speak to her family rather than rely on the advice of a dubious purveyor of erotic literature. One can only speculate as to the fate of her bottom after that.

The girl in question is mentioned at this point because she was very much a 21st English girl, proving if anything that not only is the idea not dead, but that it is not limited to America.

Now all this rambling bring us to the point of this post, which is a lovely little snippet drawn from one of the many forums that grace the web, which aptly illustrates a point.

Mrs Clare T of Worcester in England had this (paraphrased in places for clarity) to say:

“When we first got married my husband used to spank me. It was mostly horseplay, but on occasion he really got down to it and he would settle family disputes by taking me over his knee and spanking my bare bottom until I was yelling my head off.”

“On one occasion I bought £200 worth of meat and other food to put in our new chest freezer, which was all the rage at the time, so that we would have a good lot of supplies in when we got back from holiday. Only I forgot to switch the damn thing on before we went away for two weeks didn’t I?”

“When he found out I got chased around the house before he caught me in the garage and spanked the living daylights out of my bare bottom for about a week. I cried afterwards and was genuinely sorry, bearing him not the least grudge.”

“I confided in a friend that I was spanked occasionally, only to be told that my husband was a wife beater and I should leave him. I knew it wasn’t like that so I gave up on talking about it after that.”

“Then along came the kids and this sort of thing stopped anyway and I just chalked it up to one more thing lost to growing older.”

“I have two daughters, neither of which it ever occurred to me to spank right up until the eldest was 12. Then she became a champion for the terrible teens and it was left to me to sort things out. So between the ages of 12 and 15 she got a fair few good hidings, but eventually grew out of it.”

“My youngest daughter went through the same thing briefly when she was 12, but I think she toed the line after one or two spankings and I finally thought, ‘hey girl you made it,’ the kids are all grown up.”

“Then in her last year of sixth form my youngest daughter went off the rails big time. After a series of really big deals, like staying out all night, drinking and on one occasion I found a joint under her bed, we came home to find the house trashed and full of drunk teens in various states of undress.”

“I think she was over my husband’s knee getting the spanking of her life on her bare bottom before some of her friends were even out of the door. After that she was spanked for the least thing, until even I thought he was over doing it, but at least he was taking a hand and not leaving it to me this time.”

“I have to say though, that it did do the trick and she even told me that she was glad we were strict with her.”

“Then when she was 19 she took a gap year before college and stayed at home as base for various short-break adventures. She also took the opportunity to learn to drive, something that I had never bothered to learn.”

“One day she begged me to let her go shopping in the car even though she hadn’t past her test. Her brilliant plan was that if I sat next to her we could go together and if we were stopped the police were bound to believe me if I said I had left my licence at home. She was a good enough driver so I agreed.”

“All went well until we pulled up at home to find my husband locked out on the doorstep. It was his own fault, but he wasn’t in the best of moods as you can imagine.”

“I’ll skip the row, but suffice to say that my daughter was in big trouble and was treated to a very sound spanking on her bare bottom in the lounge.”

“’What about her?’ says daughter afterwards. The girl still had her shorts down and hadn’t got her breath back from a walloping and she was dropping me in it. I don’t know what she expected to happen, but after a long hard look from my husband I was grabbed and treated to the same in front of my daughter.”

“She thought it was hilarious, especially when he pulled my shorts and underwear down. I was mortified. ‘Don’t you dare tell anyone,’ I wailed or something like it.”

“She said, ‘no way,’ which I took to mean she wouldn’t. However, I later found out that she told her sister. Talk about embarrassing. But at least I noticed a more respectful attitude from my eldest. I guess she wasn’t sure if she wasn’t too old herself.”

“After that I was sometimes spanked, but never again in front of my daughter, although she knew about it.”

So it just goes to show what goes on in family life.

The next story is turning into a bit of a mini epic and is not ready. Watch this space.

17 Responses to “A family that spanks together…”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Charming story. I’ll bet such practices are NOT that uncommon in Britain, and in certain parts of the United States. I’ve seen other stories in which kids find it absolutely hilarious that their mother is also spanked.

  2. 2 Poppy

    Karl, that sort of thing never happens in Britain because the women here are so well behaved.
    Except if you read stories like this (and a load of others) which makes me wonder about people sometimes.

  3. 5 scarlet

    I don’t know about all of that family spanking, but DJ, I think all of us here are relying on the “advice of a dubious purveyor of erotic literature.” It’s a heavy burden, but someone has to bear it. 😉

  4. Yes, when both mother, and daughter’s err in a family, the husband has not only a right, but a duty to corporal discipline them.. Be these female’s old or young, a good bottom warming on their bare bottom is perfect.

  5. 7 kaki

    I am not too sure of mom and daughters getting spanked together, I think it is best the daughters don’t know. It could be embarrassing if that bit of information gets out.

    DJ, I think you need a chat with Poppy, she is spreading terrible stories about my behavior. It could lead to me getting a bad reputation. Since the theme is family spankings, maybe you can take her over her father’s house and have him do the deed, then you can just finish up. *Hi, Poppy*

  6. 8 Billie

    I loved this – thank you sir.

    At home I was punished by Dad until I was 23 – although it only happened twice after I turned 21. I know my Mom was spanked by Dad, and sometimes he used his belt I think. I don’t know if they knew I knew or cared if I knew.

    Oftentimes I used to get it with a switch, which I had to get myself from the lane behind our house – along with a lot of neighbourhood kids, which is real embarassing when your 19 or 20.

    The last time I got switched – it was by my Mom when I was 20 because she caught me masturbating (I heard Mom getting it which is kinda gross but what can I say). I wasn’t switched for jerking off – but for being reckless about it and not even closing my bedroom door in the daytime. In other words I got caught.

    Maybe she knew why I was doing it? I didn’t even think of that until later!

    Mom sent me to the lane as I was – just in jammy tops that barely covered me – there were a lot of people about including some kids – well you get the idea – I was real quick!

    I hated it at the time – but like the girl you mentioned I kind of missed it and later I got spanked by my roomie and her boyfriend.

    I have my own man now (I’m 31) and he is real strict as he should be. He even makes me cut my own switch. I am not sure if I’ll spank my own kids – but it didn’t do me any harm.

    I nearly commented when I read both the garden posts – but when I saw this I just had to. Love this blog. Especially Abraham Heights – its almost like where I grew up back in the 80s and 90s – no kidding.


    B x

    • 9 Sammi

      I was only ever spanked on my jeans or knickers by my dad.

      Mum threaten to spank my bare bottom lots of times but never did. The last time I was 19 when she said ‘I’ll take you jeans and knickers down and spank you right here’ in front of two friends. I could have died.

      I asked her afterwards why she never did it and she said that she couldn’t – but wished Dad had done that way sometimes.

      I think she was right and I deserved it and it makes me hot thinking about it.

      You story is much better than mine. 🙂


      ps loved the Abraham Heights series too.

      • 10 DJ

        Thanks for being so polite Billie – I loved the Sir 🙂

        and Sammi – thanks

        I am glad you both liked Abraham Heights.

        DJ 😉

  7. This scenario was discussed on a talk show several years ago called Carnie. The show was about contentious marriages. The family on stage relayed an event in which the father, mother and son were having a row. The mother told how the father always sided with the children, never backing her up. Then she blurted out: “and he put me over his knee and spanked me right there!”, and the audience exploded into cheers from the boos from the girls.

  8. 12 George

    A teen or an adult daughter who knows her mother is spanked as much can never say the usual (and so silly) “I’m too old” !

  9. 13 Casey Cee

    My dad was quite a bit older than my mom and treated her like my older sister.
    He did not hesitate to use the switch on me or my mother’s bare bottom if he felt we had missbehaved.
    His attitude was that as long as I lived in his house I was under his discipline.
    I know how Billie feels, the last I got the switch was at 30, shortly after that I left home and got a job in the city.
    I am 41 and have gone back to university as a mature student, I am in a relationship with a very strict young female student


    • 14 DJ

      Thanks for the contribute Casey, soyou had this upbring into the 21st century?

      you obviously have an interest in spanking – was born of this experience or was it already there?

      I am also presuming you did not have siblings? Do you think that might have changed the domestic dynamic if you had?

      Thanks again.


  10. 15 Casey Cee


    I was brought up in the Highlands of New Guinea in an environment where corporal punishment was not only accepted but encouraged.

    I think I have been deeply submissive for as long as I can remember, I liked the life in New Guinea and only left my parents plantation when I was offered a better job in the lowlands.

    I was an only child, I don’t think having brothers or sisters would have changed anything.

    When I left my parents I was very homesick and missed the strict and structured environment I had been used to.

    Casey C

  11. 16 Irishlass

    I was raised in a domestic discipline household where dad spanked us. I’m pretty sure mam was spanked too (probably still is!) but this was done when we were not about. I came home unexpectedly from school once and found dad at home in his overalls, mam in her nighty and had clearly been crying. I think he had come home at lunch time to spank her while we were at school. I would have liked to have seen it if i’m honest, especially given all the spankings she got us from dad!

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